Nobody will remember Carl – timestamp and trigger image for future to avoid

This is for that vanishing minority of you who take good advice seriously.

You’ve probably heard of creating a “vision board”. Or maybe not, I hadn’t until a year ago. But what no one ever talks about is a negative vision board, or what I’m going to call a “fear board” that gives you a concrete reminder of the worst possible future you’re trying to avoid. Research shows that introverts respond better to fear-based messaging, where extraverts respond better to positive, enthusiasm-based messaging. This idea is also based in the Future Authoring program exercise:

A Future to Avoid: Complete Summary  

You have now written about the future you would like to have…

It can also be very useful to deeply imagine the future you would like to avoid. You probably know people who have made very bad decisions, and who end up with a life that nobody would want. You also likely have weaknesses yourself. If you let those get out of control, then you might also end up with a miserable, painful life. Most people know how their life could go downhill if they let it. Spend some time, now, thinking about what your life would be like if you failed to define or pursue your goals, if you let your bad habits get out of control, and if you ended up miserable, resentful and bitter. Imagine your life three to five years down the road, if you failed to stay on the path you know you should be on. Use your imagination. Draw on your knowledge of the anxiety and pain you have experienced in the path, when you have betrayed yourself.

Think about the people you know who have made bad decisions or remained indecisive, or who chronically deceive themselves or other people, or who let cynicism and anger dominate their lives. Where do you not want to be?

Dream while you write, and don’t stop. Write at least until the 15 minutes have passed. Let yourself form a very clear picture of the undesirable future.

The best expression of how I could end up following my worst instincts into a hell of my own creation is that Black Pilled video “Nobody Will Remember Carl”. That’s why I always talk about it on here. So I listen to it over and over on my phone, and rewatch the end of the video to remind myself what Carl’s house looked like, and I printed off a screenshot of the initial moment to put on my wall that’ll kick off my imagination and constantly remind me of the whole thing by association.

Here’s the exact timestamp of when that sequence starts:

Here’s a full-screen version of that first moment:

Anyway, the rest of you can get back to your browsing now.

Nobody will care. And then, one day, you’ll be gone. No one will notice. No funeral, just a couple of overworked temps burying a casket with a body inside that no one misses, and probably botching the job too because they’re in a hurry and nobody’s there to care.

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