If autistic guys have higher testosterone, would girls pick them in the T-shirt smell test?

I got back on the training plan a couple of weeks ago, so my libido is going a little nuts and in public I’m starting to give and receive the sorts of attention one does at these times. This got me wondering what women use to filter out autistic people. After all, I have it on good authority that women aren’t into overly masculinized brains. On the other hand, the T-shirt test is pretty much a straight test of who has more testosterone. But if it were as simple as that, then autistic men with their higher testosterone levels and secondary sexual characteristics (2D:4D ratios, midphalangeal hair, etc.) would be gigachads, and that’s clearly not true.

So is it the nonverbal body language? Subtle tells of low social intelligence? Simply smell?

AFAICT it’s not based on simple appearance. Most of my life, I’ve been very polarizing because I’m a ginger and a lot less girls are into the lumberjack-looking type of guy than you’d think. So maybe 95% of (white/whitish) girls absolutely aren’t into me from the word go, and the rest who aren’t bothered by the ginger thing (or are simply bothered less) range like Rollo would predict. But there have been times in my life (only a few times, but enough to notice patterns) when I’ve done very well for female attention, with maybe 75% of them eyeing me while I walk past. Particularly, there’s something about black wife beaters that must frame my shoulders and waist to give me a couple extra points, because every single time I’ve worn them in public I’ve gotten compliments. One time a lady even stopped browsing for sunglasses at a gas station rack and walked over a few steps to open a door for me. It’s so much of a difference from such a small change it feels like cheating, and it’s pretty uncanny after spending most of my life as an Omega.

It would take too long to explain the stories behind why I don’t think it’s displays of low social intelligence. Suffice it to say that I’ve noticed a pattern where women are always operating on something like a first impression, so even if they say “I thought you were an engineering type of guy this morning but now I see you’re not an engineering type, you’re an artist type of guy” they’ll go right back to thinking I’m an engineering type (or whatever their first impression pegs me as) the next morning without missing a beat.

All in all, I’m guessing it’s mostly body language signals of social intelligence and status, based on how reactions to me have changed over the years as my social skills blossomed from a mustard seed into a beautiful, metaphorically incoherent butterfly. But I’d love to see the T-shirt smell test redone with autism as the variable in question. My hypothesis would be that testosterone is only one of several smell markers which typically align with male attractiveness (low cortisol, high serotonin, etc.), and because autism correlates with low status women would pick the neurotypical shirt far more often than mere testosterone would predict.

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2 Responses to If autistic guys have higher testosterone, would girls pick them in the T-shirt smell test?

  1. aiaslives says:

    It’s all contrast. Being average means contrasting against your own self, extreme ends contrast against the environment.

    Angry / Concentrating resting face + Thick build makes Black stand out

    Soy with a smirk makes rainbows stand out.

    Everyone else makes do with exaggerating size (https://twitter.com/Cernovich/status/1118201823368597505).

    Dye your hair blonde for a month and see what happens. It’s not like a girl will leave you once she realizes you’re a ginger.

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