Loose initial argument for heroism as addiction to altruism

This is approximately the sequence as it appears in episode 1 of My Hero Academia.

What I’m getting at is the artist/writer is clearly illustrating a formative dopamine response, where a massive dopamine buildup is followed by a massive rush of oxytocin (the ethnocentrism molecule, both positive and negative ethnocentrism, ref. https://www.pnas.org/content/108/4/1262). Since anime is more trustworthy than decaying Western science, it’s a good place to start.

What this suggests to me is that the primary issue with masturbation is it defeats this impulse to bond with the in-group and resist the out-group, just as sex would reinforce it (the oxytocin creates strong us-them internal narrative categories for the nuclear family).

As I’ve mentioned before, the show is a surprisingly nuanced study in the challenges of heroism in application. For example, the protagonist starts out basically throwing his body at every problem headfirst and breaks himself over and over until he learns how to control his passions. If it were subtle it wouldn’t be anime.

Or maybe you’d prefer to rewatch very subtle and gritty and realistic Western show Breaking Bad. Grrr, the world is bad so I can’t be blamed if I’m bad too >:-((( we live in a society >:-(((((( Liam Neeson isn’t a bad guy he just wants to sell drugs to save his daughter >:-((((((((((((((((((. It makes me feel so grown up to watch married white men on TV act like ghetto niggers under socioeconomic stress, just like they said would happen in school because skin isn’t real.

Side note, if anyone’s looking for an easy comic to write it would be fun to redo Breaking Bad with toddlers fighting over candy. Just do a babby with wrinkly forehead lines.

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