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Classiest ladies alive

I wish that screenshot would go viral. I think it’s a condemnation of all English-speaking people who’ve ever used the internet. Supply, demand. Classy women are something we apparently don’t even think about or notice the absence of. That search … Continue reading

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Discussion re: explicitly choosing your brand of crazy in 2021

So, preferred type of crazy Mine has to do with my bizarre relationship with hope and despair.In practice it’s a focus on unilateral altruism, properly understood.In more neurotypical terms you might call it compassion in the absence of reciprocity.That’s a … Continue reading

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Goals: 2020 reflections and 2021 plans

1-year goals for 2020 Finish Blockheads main story arc. No progress. Get a girlfriend for at least six months. No progress. Complete Grand Rapids half-Ironman in less than 6 hours. Completed. When Covid hit I changed the goal to 6 … Continue reading

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How to get to sleep

I used to have a bunch of hacks I’d throw together and hope for the best. This method I’m about to describe has never failed me once in two months of using it. That’s pretty helpful, because I average two … Continue reading

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How to value an industrial venture (imho)

(This is a rant I wrote back in June, right when “return to normal” was the top trending phrase in conversation the second wave of coronavirus was just hitting.) I don’t agree with Ayn Rand on much but she had … Continue reading

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Example of the genius’s attitude toward intellectual property

You may recall that the key distinguishing feature between geniuses and superbureaucrats is their uncompromising attitude of spreading the idea at the expense of making a reasonable living off of it. The easiest way to discern a superbureaucrat from a … Continue reading

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More speculations re: transubstantiation

(Continuing the line of thought from My expectation is that competent people in a group work setting will be politely ignored as soon as the first woman enters the room.I’m not exaggerating because this is an observation over many … Continue reading

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News in Gambia and other pleasantries

(Owl convo.) Patrick and I were talking yesterday about how people need a split second of room to make the decision to only be 30% evil. Right now they’re all stuck in absolute competition survival mode and eating children out … Continue reading

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Re: the novel experience of female/normie oppositional defiance

I’ve been noticing an interesting oppositional-defiant phenomenon, specifically in my sisters, as my social influence increases in my family. To set the stage–I’m accustomed to using de facto coercion because reason is a luxury (i.e. peacocking at best and a … Continue reading

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Classic Edenic Neanderthal phrenology

A quick trip down memory lane. This was the state of Edenism in 2014: Chuck Norris is rumored to have some Cherokee in him, which would explain the huge facial dimensions and genetic athleticism. Native Americans, despite their average dysfunction, … Continue reading

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