4D chess

>keep your friends close
>keep your enemies closer
>make your worst enemy your VP for 4 years
>plan on him to triple-cross your fraud narrative on national TV at a critical moment
>send congress to gitmo and replace them with holograms
>declare martial law on the deep state but pretend it’s the deep state declaring martial law on your supporters
>pretend to send your supporters to the “gulag” to keep fooling the deep state but it’s actually a big block party with lots of black guys in Trump hats, MC’d by Lady MAGA
>the real Americans party forever while the snowflakes cry outside the gate
>roll credits

That was The Plan, right?

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Maybe do this later?
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2 Responses to 4D chess

  1. MM says:

    There’s always a bit of sadness to seeing a nightlight shattered, even one as detestable as Q, knowing what this is going to do to the people who have given everything of themselves over to this utter lie. They’ll have to pick up the pieces and do some serious thinking of what they want to build with them. In this world. The real world.

    I thought I’d have a sense of schadenfreude to see it, but Vox’s new post (first time reading his blog in a year) just makes me sad to see he has absolutely nothing left to hold on to.

    He’s even got his own Charlottesville now… such is life.

  2. grumpy says:

    The deepfake video fooled you then?
    Trump is a Roth man, he’s going nowhere.

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