Addendum to Ahriman character design

I don’t remember exactly the reasoning, but somewhere between dreaming and waking I became convinced that the archetypal Ahrimanic villain character‘s head and face would have two additional features:

1) A rictus grin showing bared, clenched teeth:

2) An absolute sense of coldness and the complete absence of passion:

That’s a tough combination. The only thing that really makes sense of both aspects is if he has a skull face:

Putting that together with a black overcoat suggests I’m recreating the grim reaper with a bit more personality. Maybe it’s a personification of the death drive in the human spirit?

But you’d also have to shape the skull head like the Boskop man to capture the “Megamind” element:

Therefore I think Berserk’s Void character gets the closest to getting the visual right:

An interesting note is that Kentaro Miura designed Void by combining the two scariest Cenobites: Pinhead and the Xenomorph guy with the chattering teeth.

The “alien” theme is also supported by comparing Void to the stereotypical Martian:

The last link in this chain of associations that I’ll note is that Pluto is short for plutocracy.

An entirely different association worth noting is that Gendo Ikari, the Ahrimanic arch-villain character in Evangelion, has a very Faustian driving purpose in reuniting himself with the dead wife of his youth by killing human anxiety itself by applying massive trauma. This is, in my opinion, a very impressive take on Faust. Rather than sacrificing his soul, he sacrifices the entire world (and the very concept of “human life”), and rather than resurrecting his youthful passions he’s resurrecting the former object of his youthful passions.

I guess I’ll have to watch Megamind now to see what the shot was on that. There’s no way they got the character’s visual design 100% right by accident, even down to the S&M outfit with the leather overcoat.

The blue color is probably just there to connote coldness, like with Pinhead, so if I were creating the character I’d do a crystal skull to get the coldness and the Alex Jones tie-in.

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