Superior meme

I didn’t make this one.

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6 Responses to Superior meme

  1. LOADED says:

    I would say im an atheist and plan on being one until my existence is over. You probably understand based on my experiences in life though.

    • LOADED says:

      My life was certainly already a Hell. No need to push it any further.

    • The Game Master says:

      I think that one should seek out a direct religious experience before completely dispensing with any notion of the divine, but maybe you’ve already done this. Personally, I believe that deliberate, conscious irreligiousness is an unnatural, corrosive state of mind, which slowly robs human experiences of any deep significance. Constantly struggling with one’s faith is better than simply allowing oneself to become more nihilistic (and likely hedonistic) with time.

      Just my opinion. No offense intended.

    • LOADED says:

      No offense was taken youre in the clear my friend. I have experimented with religion not thoroughly necessarily but enough to gain some type of clearer understanding of what it means to believe in God. Unfortunately it didnt prevail at least not as much as the nihilism did. Now I am in self doubt about everything including the existence of everything around me. The motives people have. The needs and wants of myself and others.

      All these things now haunt my brain but I dont think I can do much about it since if there is a God He doesnt reach out to me or want me to believe. That is why I have let go of faith. To me God is the epitome of masculine-brained which means he cognitively empathizes but does not emotionally empathize since that is human. This is why there will always be this strong yearning for us to be like Him and for Him to be kind and benevolent to us.

      • MM says:

        God or not, our everyday existence is that of a crude map of the unreachable substrate of reality. A map that has wants and needs, and filters its perceptions accordingly.

        The greatest need of the self is the ‘positive’ aspect of the death drive- the desire to die with a feeling of having sanctified life, of having given everything, of it being ok and righteous forever and always to no longer need to bear the burden of living

        This is the need sought by the true heroic vs the messianic fetishist, who invariably always falls short of putting any skin in the game, and who is seeking status or is creating an ego protective covert narcissistic delusion.(A)
        (‘We have invented heroism,’ say the last men, and they blink)

        Without a second world to derive sanctity from, life can never satisfy forever and always. Only the process can give meaning.

        You will have to Become, until the day you die.

        It’s up to you to figure out what is worth Becoming.
        By your own values; As a rule, not invented- discovered. Live life, acquire knowledge and power, train the body to (hopefully) train the soul, express love and joy and care with the people left in the real world, avoid the pitfalls of addiction and illusory or unsustainable value, etc. ad infinitum.

        Or not. Comfort zones form in even the most uncomfortable of circumstances. You’ll have to actually want to put some meaning back in your meaningless life.

        And do what needs to be done with Courage and with full expression of your sense of Meaning and Power…

        I write these comments for myself, and usually do not post them, but maybe this will be helpful or thought provoking to someone.

        (A)- There are also cynical sociopaths manipulating people with ideology, of course.
        (B)- It is very possible that most actual heroes are overt narcissists or just plain fucking crazy (either literally psychotic, and thus finding ‘novel’ meaning that justifies the sacrifice, or possessed by a second world generated from an ideology)

        • MM says:

          (B). Actually, overt naricissist doesn’t make much sense. It relies on deeper psychosis/delusion than the ‘shared fantasy’ of the narcissist’s ego. That being said, an actual heroic could be both (as Vaknin has speculated about Jesus. Vaknin being a proud jew and all likely playing a not insignificant role in such claims. IDK- need to read Bible).
          But not JUST an overt narcissist.

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