Re: The Enkidu gambit

That all sounds pretty good, right?

Except it’s not true. And it’s obviously not true.

Because the Left’s real enemy is organized white men, not alienated white men.

They’ll move heaven and earth to transform an organized group of white men into scattered, alienated white men.

And this is obvious to people who value competence.

The Left doesn’t invade your spaces looking for coomers.

They want to see what straight white men are talking to each other about.

They disrupt communications between competent men so they don’t form groups.

Because when straight white men work together outside the system, the old system is over. They ARE the new system.

This is the new fault line in what was once called the Alt-Right:

There are those who want competent men to form groups outside the system,

And those who view all humanity as their enemy.

The latter can’t even be called useful idiots.

Because they aren’t useful.

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2 Responses to Re: The Enkidu gambit

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    They can’t admit that, and it’s a true enough rule from their perspective. Can’t let you go free.

  2. Obadiah says:

    There’s definitely some truth to the idea that people are unnerved, sometimes deeply, by unpredictability–Venkat Rao has a whole “Predictable Identities” series on it.

    Perhaps if there’s one thing lefties are more terrified of than organized K-leaning white males, its organized K-leaning white males with fertile subservient K-leaning white trad-waifae.

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