Tex is finally off the Q train

Alex Jones calls it.

It is the beginning of the tribulation.

I concede I was sucked in by the Q false flag. I was sucked in by Donald Trump, too. I remember thinking that if it turned out to just be more fake opposition, I was going to return underground at the earliest opportunity and stay down there until things got better.

I just changed my plans over the next twenty years, have gone back to my prior strategy which in retrospect was the better one all along.


Thank God. We need as many talented, 180-IQ people as we can get facing reality squarely because the problems we’ll face over the next decade aren’t going to be easy ones.

Hell, we need as many untalented people as we can get too. We desperately need extra hands.

Stay safe out there. Don’t forget to back up your life support system to an extra floppy disk or two.

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