I need a job done, tell me how much money you want

For reference, I expect this would take me 20 hours total with a lot of that time spent here and there checking in on the download statuses over several weeks. Price accordingly.

1. Pick a 2-year technical college.
2. Create a list of fields in the trades from the degree and certificate programs.
3. Get the degree maps to map out the order of the prerequisites for each field.
4. Create a list of textbooks required for each course in the degree sequence, ordered by class prerequisite.
5. Download all of these textbooks from libgen.

I’ll need a copy of this archive first, and then the hope is to spread copies of it before the real shutdown hits and makes all this practical knowledge illegal for white people.

I only want one book for each course subject because they’re all basically interchangeable. Newer books are preferred because they’ll be up to date, but anything more recent than the year 2000 is acceptable.

Make sure one of the included trades is wastewater treatment, that’s going to be very important in coming years.

Comments about the superiority of primitivism will be deleted in a spirit of lovingkindness.

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Maybe do this later?
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12 Responses to I need a job done, tell me how much money you want

  1. aiaslives says:

    You should look up what’s already available first. It’s easier to indiscriminately download and delete than to start from scratch.

    Search different torrent websites (rutracker, 1337x, etc) and download as much you can. Don’t look at the seeds, just find the torrent file (sometimes you’ll need to load the magnet link and fidn a BIG list of trackers, and add that to the empty torrent for a shot at getting the torrent file) for the list of files.

    How-To books lists ([x] for Dummies, [x] step by step, the complete idiot’s guide to [x], etc). You’ll find these in very large torrents. Optionally, join a private torrent community after confirming it hosts these books. I was a part of a fairly popular private literature torrenting website (myanonamouse) for all of 3 days, and it wasn’t worth it (all these websites are pyramid schemes, you need to seed more than you download and you need to create a torrent before you can download one). It was mostly people posting stuff from libgen. Your money would be better spent actually buying (or renting) books you can’t find and scanning them (or paying someone else to).

    search for open ftp servers.

    Search on reddit (r/datahoarder, opendirectories, ebook_resources, piracy, opencalibre, etc), github (“awesome” lists), telegram groups, discord groups, 4chan archives, MEGA uploads, internet archive

    check out websites like volafile. (the-eye dot eu)

    > Download all of these textbooks from libgen.
    Libgen now provides a downloadable database with book metadata and file hashes. You should expect to only find half of all the books you hope to on libgen, and half of what you find won’t be properly scanned, or be OCR’d horribly.

  2. Obadiah says:

    Great work.

    • Obadiah says:

      (Once it gets done that is. Maybe I should say “great idea” lol)

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Thanks, but if ideas were worth anything I’d be a multi-billionaire. What would it cost me to have you do this idea?

        • Obadiah says:

          No time right now, unfortunately. It’s something that I’ve thought would be useful in a kind of vague unmotivated way, and can see myself doing in the future, but I can’t be relied upon to do it in the immediate future due to personal life time constraints.

  3. MM says:

    A noble goal I suppose but this line is the hang up:

    >the hope is to spread copies of it before the real shutdown hits

    I don’t see any avenue that you control that would serve this function effectively (IE to more than 100 people actually using any single piece of it). The monetary compensation part is null- it would never be enough to justify it to me. Solve the essential problem of marketing the thing first.

    Problem with that though is that anyone right now can get most of it on youtube if they have literally any ‘drive’ (Ha! it works in the literal sense too). And torrenting isn’t hard either…

    To put it as bluntly as possible: Its like Gutow- anyone worth a fuck would do it themselves and not trust some asshole on the internet to do it right for them, and learned helplessness bots would have no interest. So, there is effectively zero audience.
    I sank sooooo much time into that. A real passion project as flawed as it was.
    Only 8 people even bothered to click all the parts.
    No thanks on a round two! The only collating I’m even kind of doing on the internet is TAR.
    (VERY berry slowly and thoroughly/ spur of the moment)

    So, really you are making a knowledge vault and should just download everything you want to save for the irl community you are presumably forming.

    Incidentally, I have done this for the past month with acclaimed movies, classical music, philosophy, and shit I just like (also lots on engineering and yada yada). 5.5 terabytes in total. Did it before years ago with youtube before the greatest purge of good shit on there but thatd be a slog to process.

    Anyway, I’d mail you a copy of the 5.5 tb drive- which is fairly organized- for the cost of replacement and postage. Otherwise, nah its not really thought out enough on your end. If you still want to do it as currently envisioned, for some reason, perhaps look for an unemployed comp tech on craigslist. Or try Fiverr.

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