Damn (the IQ is real)

Tex again, yesterday:

So now that I got rid of all those happy and optimistic thoughts my mind rebooted on ROM from it’s slothful languor (believing that Trump and Q were going to set it all right) to my usual disturbingly unsettling pragmatism about realpolitik. I am thinking clearly again and I got it figured out.

Trump and Q were always fake opposition. The whole thing was the ultimate false flag to steer patriots off into a dead end for 4 years … Trump and Q were manufactured to make them complacent and trusting in the system (“Trust the Plan.”)

The election fraud was planned 4 years in advance along with the pandemic. The whole purpose was to enrage patriots to engage in drastic acts and radicalize them because their supposed “champion” Trump was cheated of his rightful spoils, proving that voting doesn’t work at all anymore … perhaps it never did. This would provide the stimulus needed to push the country into totalitarian government.

This would give them justification to bring back even more draconian lockdowns, curfews and gun confiscations to protect us all from the “domestic terrorism” they have been pimping for months in advance. They could then get the guns and administer the death injections to everyone with little opposition. FEMA camps for the holdouts.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone completely reorient their worldview in two days like that. On Wednesday Tex was an extreme Qvangelical who thought Trump planned the election fraud to execute Tom Hanks’ hologram with a holographic bullet at the inauguration.

Two days later, he’s reconstructed the narrative it took The Right Stuff two years to convince me of with jokes and rhetoric. And it’s not like this is the only thing Tex does with his time, those vaults aren’t cheap.

The other interesting thing is this suggests (to me, because reasons) that Q was more like a mood of toxic optimism than a set of beliefs. Calling it a spell that was broken would be appropriate. I say “was” because even the people still saying they believe it don’t actually believe it at this point and know they don’t, whereas they did last week. When everybody knows that everybody else knows a narrative is false and it’s not being maintained at gunpoint, normies just politely stop talking about it and pretend it never happened. So it won’t last through February, except as a counterfactual excuse to crack down on domestic terrorism.

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22 Responses to Damn (the IQ is real)

  1. Mycroft Jones says:

    If Q is wrong, that means Trump succeeded at getting the American troops in Europe sorted out, and got NATO back on proper track to handle a Russian invasion.

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        Are you saying that “no”, Trump didn’t succeed in getting NATO back into good shape? Then Trump will have a second, and maybe 3rd term. I’m not a fan of Kim Clement, and am on the fence of whether he is a true prophet. I’m leaning towards false. But he did predict Trump’s election. He also predicted there would be a time when people were saying there are two presidents simultaneously. Also, he said Trump would be a three term president. So, let us see.

        People are saying wait until March. Personally, I think this won’t all be over until the second half of April. But things might get mighty wild starting in March. Agree with Tex and any other preppers. Have your water, toilet paper, and food stocked up.

        Speaking of stocking up, just got burned; bought some heritage non-GMO wheat from prairie farmers. This years crop. Got my order in early, back in September. They said it was set aside, in a dry, ambient temperature location. The prairies are dry, and ambient temperature keeps the pests in check, it is so cold. Went in today to vacuum pack and store it. Lo! They distinctly remembered me cheerfully agreeing to buy “feed grade” wheat. Yet they charged 50% more than feed grade wheat. But it was not feed grade, no, it was wheat I wouldn’t even feed to my chickens. The Mini Ice Age is upon us, the USDA reports about crop yields have been shown as lies, and while we believed in a Potempkin crop yield last year, we exported (both Canada and the USA) our best crops to China. And China will still have a shortfall and starving citizens this year, but our unwise exports mean we also will be in trouble. If Amish farmers sell you beautiful bread wheat, and it shows up as moldy spoiled grain filled with weevils on arrival, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!!!! (for you Aspies, the term Amish is used indicatively, not literally)

        I recomment the youtube channels Ice Age Farmer, and Adapt 2030. To be honest, they are sugar coating things. ITZ HERE. Who cares about the election. PACK YOUR RICE AND BEANS. And sneaky old guys will pack bulgur wheat and lentils instead, because we can “cook” them by pouring cold water over them and not have to risk making a fire and alerting people to our presence. And not making a smell that the starving zombies can pick up on.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          I see you haven’t changed at all since we last talked.

        • I Can't Believe It's Not Boneflour! says:

          I might have to check out the Adapt 2030 channel. My sources tell me Ratpocalypse is definitely happening in like 10 years.
          I have a shovel and a bag of lentis from the store and I’m just going to start digging until the cops show up.
          Most of this is a joke. My shovels were all lost in a tragic boating accident years ago.

    • Q atamite (mm) says:

      If Q is wrong, then Trump has failed us.

      Since that is not possible, Q is not wrong.

  2. ericevans says:

    The two men who supposedly have the huge IQs (Tex and Koanic) both fell for the most obvious ruse, and placed their faith and trust in Trump, who was literally bought by the Roths in the 90s. Their yuuuuge minds actually believed that a politican was genuine and honest. Lulz, so many lulz. Both of them spend yuuuge amounts of time on pointless tech shit too, never actually , you know, doign anything useful with their lives. As if a vault or a cyber-fucking-diary-note-system are ever going to be useful. Aside…aNyone else remember that Cultstate article about the setting up of the alt-right? Very interestung.

    Fuck me, Trump isn’t even a fucking male, let alone honest. All those girlie mannerisms, it is natural for her.

    https://ibb.co/xqjGPbf (tits ‘n’ hips everwhere, ecxept Ivanka of course)

    Amusingly, the man with the best reading comprehension in the world STILL TRUSTS THE PLAN, lol, clown. Trump and the vaccine pushers, what a clue there. Even if Trump does a magic military coup in the months ahead, anyone that trusts him is a raving plebby lunatic.

    Picture the Thals sat around their campfire with their yuuuge brains and cave art, and the melonfolk appear, and sweet talk them about the plan, civilization baby, come on Thals, we will save you, trust us. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    These two genii are supposed to be christians too I think? So much interest in pointless shit, fuck politcs. Unsure why you are bulling up tex in this post, he’s only caught up with those of us who knew what Trump years ago. Hell, even MM knew it, and wrote a guest post here about it i remember.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Unsure why you are bulling up tex in this post

      He’s repented. What’s the downside?

    • MM says:

      >Unsure why you are bulling up tex in this post, he’s only caught up with those of us who knew what Trump years ago.

      Schizoids and narcissists have the same pattern of idealizing people and then devaluing them when they are shown to not be the infallible object the schizioid/narcissist believed them to be. You see this most clearly with Aeoli and Vox, although it happened with Koanic and with Tex and with Bruce Charlton and prob some other people if I took a minute to think… (Has he soured on Brain Tracy yet?)

      If Vox acted halfway rational for 10 minutes Aeoli would probably start to put him back on a pedestal.

      (or maybe not, in this case I bet its not exactly irrationality that is the problem as it is these figures no longer being able to provide a believable enough idealization. Basically, a way to feel important while doing nothing, like Q, like anything on the right.

      Quoting what I said in “On Conservative Cowardice”:

      Everyone is playing the same games. “How little risk can I be subject to for the greatest possible rewards? I am willing to do anything”
      The true king of this is the conservative, not the leftist.
      You were the rabbit all along!)

      Anyway, just as there is no institutional capital in dealing with such people (schizoids and narcissists), there is little institutional debt as well (for a dominantly schizoid, not a narcissist). Though the fact that there is any at all will inevitably fuel the processes that lead to ejection of others, the self imposed isolation of the schizoid, and also periodic bursts of uncharacteristic rage and unrefined emotionalism.

      >Hell, even MM knew it

      thanks… I guess…

      The solution to the right’s retardation is basic bitch and simple (not easy):

      THOROUGHLY do your homework, fuck your stupid intuition (not the same as your nature that informs what has and can have value to the individual).

      Thats why some people bought palantir months ago, others bought gold.
      That’s why people are lining up again, one side awaiting CCIV announcement of Lucid merger (the ‘easy money’ play of the year, after confirmation) other side rushing in blindly like its destiny and shit.
      Markets are wonderful at continually and brutally punishing (non-systemic!) retardation.
      I can easily see how the elite jews of the finance world developed such a deep understanding of human nature.


      But that’s not where things are heading at the moment… Nothing was actually learned by anyone it seems. In aggregate, the death of Q and Trump just means loads of right wing retards (the people that actually do risky things, remember) dropping out of politics. Smart but increasingly misguided peeps like ZHPL will continue down the routes their lines of thinking lead to- which is to say, ultimately to “Q” and magic and death. Because it seems literally nobody has made the realization that power, true power, will always flow from an actual understanding of the real world.

      (tldr: “farts on cock”)

      The only myth the right has had any success in creating is that they are not consumerist nihilists. Cue ‘Murdoch Murdoch’ if any of them still bother to watch that instead of actual porn.

      The most hope-bringing thing (for society, not personally) is how fast its all moving. If the left attacks the right in their homes and actually starts to kill them then there is hope, because people will be forced to act, and I have no expectation of them doing anything before then.

      I hope I am wrong and just being overly negative, but most times I thought I was a ridiculous doomer it was still one degree off how bad the thing actually became.

      So, until then- “I AM MONITORING THE SITUATION!!!!”

    • ericevans says:

      >Hell, even MM knew it
      >thanks… I guess…

      I was just kidding ya there, your post on Trump was very useful. I still don’t rule out a military thing shortly in the US, but it will still be faked, all theater.

      I too see signs of famine cropping up around the globe now, Brazil and I think it was Argentina are in trouble and withholding exports, the ruscoms are still withholding exports, the big boys know itz coming.

      US is in shit, UK in shit, eventually Aeoli will conclude that this is fact THE end times, there will be too much evidence to deny it I am sure. MM, keep an open mind, open-minded atheists, you never know when something will pop up to change your mind.

      As for little risk versus greatest rewards, watch for the men who step out from the shadows, in confidence, for they are the ones who will win. Maybe it will just be one man eh?

  3. Robert Mando says:

    ehhh, i was pointing out more than a week ago that, given that Donald was raised in Freemasonry, that he was either going to betray *us* or betray the Masons. because he can’t serve both.
    and i’ve been saying for the whole administration that i’d have a LOT more confidence in him if he had even attempted to prosecute a SINGLE person from the Obama / Clinton admins. you know, campaign promise ( “Lock her up!” ) and what not.
    and i was never on board the Trump train enough to actually buy any merch. i mean, come on, you don’t have anything better to do with your money?
    i don’t think this makes me a super genius … but it probably indicates i’m a bit more emotionally stable than Tex or Crazy Eyes ( who also bought merch ).
    i tend to set the bar low so my goals are easily achievable.

    • LOADED says:

      I never really liked the idea of living past a certain age. I am truly a rock star in a sea of lesser rock stars. I am a pinnacle of success and achievement Aeoli.

      I am also the success and achievement of my family and everyone else as well. It makes me proud to be who i am but also miserable to think about how far from actual clout ive come.

  4. Boneflour says:

    On the subject of ‘Oh why you think he’s the best guy now’…
    Generally, when someone’s driving off a cliff, you go ‘NO BAD’
    Then, when they turn away from the cliff, you switch to ‘YAY GOOD’ to keep the momentum.
    I think there was a Aeoli blergh poast about that for Q people a bit ago.

    It’s a shame Jordan Peterson died of COVID overdose, he had a bit in a lecture about not punishing people for doing the thing that you wanted them to do. Gotta stop doing the bad thing, then not be mad when they stop doing the bad thing. We’re good now, good job.

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