MM explains Gamestonk

Here’s an intro explanation I liked. MM text begins below the screencap. Apparently the idea is that these financial elites agreed to put Gamestop out of business before Friday, releasing them from their obligations.



What happened today, Jan 27, 2020, with the GME (and to a lesser extent: AMC, NOK, BB, etc) short squeeze and the subsequent rallying of all of power to silence retail traders who have banded together to push the stock higher, is exactly the kind of thing that gives me immense hope, because of how absolutely unjustifiable it is to even common people to see all the powerful institutions band together to protect some fucking ‘hedge’ funds that are shit at risk management.

Here’s a rundown of the day:

-The brokers- Schwab, TD, etc shutting down for long stretches (Can attest personally. Schwab wasn’t down even in March of 2020, much crazier vol, so yes it is coordinated)

-The media losing their shit, calling ppl that bought gamestop white supremacists, blaming Trump, being retarded:
Here’s just one little GEM: “How Trumpism explains the GameStop stock surge”

-Nasdaq CEO suggesting halting trading to help Melvin Capital and gang.

-The fuckin SEC opening an investigation

-Fed chair Jerome Powell talking about it at the federal reserve hearing

-The White House: “monitoring the situation” (but actually- not like Trump)

-big tech censorship (WSB discord banned for “hate speech”), much more of this to come in coming days/weeks unfortunately.

The general semi-normie response:

Normies scratching their heads asking
“wait, if you buy Gamestop stock you are a white supremacist?”
“wait, all of power thinks we should not be allowed to talk about stocks in public, or go against institutional money?”
“Wait, they might halt the stock for DAYS explicitly to screw the little guy and allow shorts to cover/get out?”
“wait, they dont just get near infinite bailouts, they are never allowed to lose, and we are not allowed to win?!”

“wait I might go to jail because me and others discovered 130+ percent of GME’s float was shorted (illegal, btw) and we talked about it on a public forum and now are under investigation, some of us may perhaps actually go to jail!? When market makers openly coordinate with each other and all of the media engage in daily and actually illegal coordinated market manipulation!!?!”

Wall street bets Discord banned, the reddit probly next, and if the big boys DO NOT manage to push GME down before friday options expiry (literally all calls will expire in-the-money) then GME has another massive leg up. 1000 is entirely possible (Do not buy now unless you assume you will lose what you put in and are ok with that).

The institutions are going to do whatever they can to stop this. They have to, considering that WSB/retail could just keep doing it with other extremely shorted stocks like Bed Bath and Beyond.

Its not just about money though, which they have lost a fucking ton of by the way:

It’s about financially DESTROYING the people who had the audacity to take a swing at them.


This is not the same is shutting down 4chan, or the usual shit. No.

This fucking crap from the powers that be is pissing off people with actual balls and collectively enormous bank accounts.

2016 tier. Far more emotionally blatant to a normie then 2008 bailout or even 2020 bailouts.
Pissing off dissatisfied young white men dis-proportionally. An inflection point.

Near open admission that the rigged market of global finance is the engine that powers cultural tyranny.

Also, things are about to get rough.

“How will they distract people this time?”

This is also the first move to truly being disallowed from participation in any part of the economy for non-elites.

Anyway, this was something you should all know about. Hence, the breakdown.

It’ll keep being crazy for a while. I hope they make their power grabbing and double standards even more blatant, show everyone the reality of this open air hellhole of a country while we have the demographics to fix it.



(tldr- investigation dropped)

(Feinstein just fucked up again, and Nancy Pelosi’s husband bought a shit load of EV stock- Tesla, I believe, right before Biden announced he wanted all gov vehicles to be electric. Fuck these people.)

Bonus bonus: CCIV merger best play in terms of risk/reward if lucid merger announced for realzies and if got under 50 bucks. Just dont hold into the merger, SPACs run up then dump. Very predictable, look at Hylion.

Last thought: Hope they don’t spiral the market into a crash just so they can say “see, you peasants ruined everything”.

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11 Responses to MM explains Gamestonk

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    I’m more worried that 2021 is serving a collective need for overstimulation on happenings.

    • MM says:

      This isn’t Q, it’s actually cool and hurts the right people where they truly care, in a completely legal and ‘good optics’ way. To some extent, people need to be having fun to get things done as a group. This aspect does not necessarily make it mere entertainment- the difference is table stakes, and this has it. Q had it, but those ppl were too retarded to realize what power they did and did not have or what was and was not true, as the premise of Q was a lie and the message was consumerism for the majority and blind faith for the few.

      WSB/young retail is full of degenerate gamblers but there are some wicked smart people in that mix who can actually get something done. And as a group they are learning fast (so much less retarded than March 2020. Yeah, loads of them lost it all and many likely killed themselves back then. K selection is brutal).
      We’ll see how the class action goes, and how they process the realization of just how much the system hates them for doing the ONE THING they thought they could have (yes, just like gamergate in that emotional aspect).
      I have high hopes.

      …But I get your point.

      All I know is that if there was ever an event that I do not think was at all rigged to happen by TPTB it is this. The hedge funds have lost 70 billion so far and these happenings certainly undermines the “you’ll own nothing, and be happy” rhetoric from UN, Bill Gates, WEF, etc. by re-contextualizing them and revealing the truth (“more scams!”).

      Some clever people will of course also realize the actual ghouls of international finance (Wall Street is just a facade in comparison to federal reserve and private banks that control it, world economic forum, world bank, etc. etc.)

      I just hope some of these retail investors get rich from this (or remember all this when they do), and keep the disdain for the people that shat on them.

  2. MM says:


    “Our mission at Robinhood is to democratize finance for all”

    Almost everyone on WSB uses Robinhood, and now they can only sell.
    Direct market manipulation.

    This is why GME (AMC, etc) crashed. GME hit 468 at its peak this morning before Robinhood fucked everyone. There’s already a class action lawsuit, and it has VERY fertile grounds (especially if Citadel, Robinhood’s biggest customer and huge investor in Melvin Capital, magically opened a shit load of shorts right before the announcement.. which they probably did).

    Horrible, but this is exactly the escalation I wanted. Show us all how much you hate us!
    Normal people aren’t that dumb when they have massive amounts of their money on the line.

    Also, GME still high enough (229 right now) for all the calls this friday to be ITM. If the shorts dont get it to sub 150 by mid day tomorrow at the absolute latest they are fucked as MMs (the bad ones; market makers) have to buy more shares to cover the calls they wrote, inevitably driving the price up as the float (shares outstanding) is so low.

    Maybe the SEC or Biden can step in next?
    Maybe Israel can stuxnet these ‘financial terrorists’?

  3. MM says:

    DAMN. Thats for all these stock- GME, AMC, NOK, BB etc.
    Still a crazy big number

  4. MM says:

    Robinhood now automatically selling people’s GME shares for them! How nice…

    Yellen took money from Citadel. 800K for ‘speeches’.

  5. The Big Boneflour says:

    What a fucking comedy.
    “What the fuck is GME doing, Jonathan?!”

    “There’s nothing we can do!”

    “We SHORTED GME, Jonathan. We make the stock go DOWN. We PUT it ON the NEWS. So WHY is it 200 FUCKING DOLLARS!”

    “It’s the Redditors, Steinman! They won’t sell! They’re squeezing us out!”

    “What the FUCK Jonathan! Retail doesn’t fuck us! That’s against the LAW! WE fuck retail, THAT’S how it works! That’s how it always works!”

    “We’re down billions Steinman, what are we gonna do?”



    • The Big Boneflour says:

      Might have to do a Hitler Reacts video about this, what a moment. It’s hard to call these people ‘elite’ when they get fucked so hard by such stupid mistakes.

      So fat from rigging the system that they can barely play the game anymore. Still on top, still wouldn’t bet against everyone closing ranks to crush the little guy, but damn.

  6. The Big Boneflour says:

    quick explanation from some billionaire, idk

    • MM says:

      Chamath is great. Good exp.

      Says alot that institutions were dropping IPOD, IPOF (unannounced merger target SPACs of his) just to punish the guy this week. Chamath is getting massive pushback in real dollar terms for supporting retail, running for california gov (a meme tbh), going on NBC and shitting on melvin etc.
      He was also the guy a few years back who talked about how social media was destroying ppl. One of the better clips you see often when ppl talk about it.

      Not a saint or right wing or anything but not a POS so thats cool.

      For what its worth, IPOD/IPOF are good lower long term risk buys now, they will keep recovering as wsb/retail shows gratitude and he will get great companies to merge with them like IPOE (Sofi)*, itll just be an indeterminate multi month wait (and lucid will be the real hype shit if they fucking stop blueballing everyone)

      *(Sofi is next gen fintech and may be what I have to use if Schwab goes as far as Robinhood and bans GME etc from nothing but selling).

  7. The Big Boneflour says:

    Also thanks MM, great summary, what a ride.

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