Defooing isn’t power

This is one of Vox’s lower-IQ refrains:

A week without Trump and he’s back to 1995 and libertarianism. It’s particularly ironic that he says this in the midst of hedge funds getting bailed out while the hegemons of the stock market are shutting down retail trading. Not to mention God Emperor Trump getting kicked out of his bank and his home.

But at least we can let the free market fix all this! I swear, if I didn’t understand Vox I’d think Epstein had something on him. Take away the globalists’ Game Boys and put them in time out! That’ll show them the error of being genocidal psychopaths! They’re counting on people like continuing to be whiny little bitches with no teeth. I’m not much for gambling but I’d take that bet too.

These people have literally infinite money. The Rothschilds didn’t fund MLK and the civil rights movement with money they made on the free market from consumer purchases, they printed it. Threatening to deprive people of the pleasure of your company isn’t where power comes from. At best, that’s negative reward. You don’t see the apologists of Black Lives Matter talking about the necessary evil of boycotts. Guys, if we just stop donating to the Democrats they’ll collapse like a house of cards and Bernie will finally win!

Power comes from the fear of positive punishment, not from the fear of losing privileges. And the people Vox claims to oppose get all their power from a political model of rejectionist voting.

According to Finkelstein, every political campaign needed an enemy – a perfect foil for Jews. He developed this style of political campaigning into a strategy known as “rejectionist voting” by making the opposition so loathsome that voters would turn out not because they supported the GOP candidate, often a Zionist to poised to further Jewish interests, but because they want to reject the bogeyman.

Because of this, Finkelstein would also advise clients never to talk about themselves or even much about their own platform, but to focus their efforts on the politics of personal destruction of their opponents. Finkelstein is famous for transforming “liberal” into an epithet: “Crazy leftist”, “far left liberal Democrat”, “too liberal for too long” – the central theme of what would become Reagan’s campaign. It continues even today as “wild-eyed socialists”.

Another set of campaign themes for which Finkelstein is famous? “Let’s make America great again.”

They Finked you on Charlottesville Vox. They tricked you and you picked the wrong side, but it’s been four years since then and you need to move on.

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