More re: tentacles

A followup insight to this post, courtesy of Betelgeuse:

about tentacle symbolism

“… Something else occurred to me: what if the monster tentacle mother is the “devouring mother” von Franz refers to above? “

This strikes me as likely somehow. I suspect this connection is related to the Alchemist’s need to be seduced, and in effect infantilized. By raising the devouring mother, he’s effectively returning himself to womb-like conditions. Retvrn to monke? More like retvrn to LCL collective unconscious, edenism cucks BTFO.

The ideology of the people who wrote the Georgia Guidestones is probably not all that different from BAP, except they did their Red Dragon phase in their baby crib. You think the darkness is your friend? They were born into it, molded by it.

Now that I think about it, that was the ideology of the season 3 villain in My Hero Academia, to return the Yakuza to their former glory by eliminating specialization, although you’ll have to take my word on a couple of the jumps for now:

“Special abilities” = specialization, tradecraft, technology
“Heroes” = leadership class (note the complaints about oversupply)
Villains represent society’s problems, just like monsters represent problems for the protagonist to overcome in fantasy, with their power levels representing levels of difficulty.

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4 Responses to More re: tentacles

  1. Frontier says:

    To make it explicit, the primordial tentacle is the umbilical cord. Don’t know if agree, but sounds plausible.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      No, I don’t think that’s right because it misses the “devouring” part of devouring mother.

    • Zeb Zebley says:

      the tentacle isnt primordial. the tentacles only exists as a near-sentient mass of chaos. tentacles plural are the object.
      the only thing about a tentacle is no bones ( nostructure), slimy, (water/unconscious) and squiggly (definitely alive, but not the way that you can grok).

  2. rillxn says:

    I think tentacles is related to the symbolism of tails:

    The unconscious being the ‘deep’ and the tentacles being like a mass/swarm of sentient tails.

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