Pit of the stomach exercise for training intuition

From a review of Al Siebert’s Survivor Personality:

The difficulty in dealing with intuitive messages is to distinguish between the different inner voices. Which is speaking? Is it the voice of fear, ego, fantasy? Or true inner guidance and wisdom?


Testing Your Intuition: “Pit of the Stomach” Exercise


I use the following technique for intuitively “testing” the outcome of a potential action:

First, decide which potential paths of action are your prime choices.

Second, take several deep, slow breaths to calm your mind and alter your consciousness. As you do this, offer a simple prayer asking for guidance. Focus your attention on the pit of your stomach, behind your belly button. Keep breathing deeply until you find that your stomach muscles are totally relaxed and your mind’s thoughts are quieted.

Third, after you find that both your thoughts and stomach muscles are calm and relaxed, make a mental picture of one of the potential actions, paths or decisions. Check for physical reactions in your stomach area. If you have an expanded, relaxed feeling, your pictured action is probably a good path to follow. If you get a clenched, tight feeling in your gut, it’s probably a good idea to avoid the pictured action. If you get nothing, either the choice is unimportant, or you simply are not intuitively in touch with it.

Fourth, repeat the process for each of the other potential courses of action, first calming yourself, then picturing the course of action and sensing the feeling in the pit of your stomach to determine which course is best.

I suspect that discernment is as simple as having intuitions about the source of your intuitions (i.e. “what root cause did I sense that allowed me to predict that?”), so this exercise would be a good way to develop that talent to a higher level deliberately.

An example of where this failed for me is when, in the midst of my Trump worship, I sensed that he had undergone a behelit moment, but to this day I still have no insight into why I felt that. It’s an embarrassing period to look back on, so maybe I need to get over that first. 2018, hell I was practically autistic back then.

For more than 20 years, I have been receiving occasional intuitive messages and inspiration. As a design engineer, when I was stuck on a problem, unhappy with the solutions that I had managed to come up with, I would often meditate on the problem and ask internally for help. On several different occasions, this method yielded “snapshots” of creative solutions that simply appeared on the inner screen of my mind. Subsequently, a number of these solutions earned U.S. patents.

In a twist on this creative method, some time shortly before Thanksgiving 1997 during my morning session of prayer and meditation, I made a common request that I have made many times before — I simply asked for “guidance and direction.” Usually when I make this generic request, I receive one or two simple suggestions such as how to improve a family relationship that I have been neglecting. However, on this day a bomb was dropped in my lap. I received a title and pictorial outline for a huge book project to help people become more self-reliant, live more sustainably on the planet, prepare for potential emergencies and cope with future failures and disruptions in modern technology.

I was overwhelmed with the scope of this project, and was quite inclined to simply ignore it, but the internal, “still small voice” of inner guidance was too persistent to ignore and eventually blossomed into this book. I definitely did not see myself as smart enough to figure out the entire outline for this book in an instant. Just writing a college term paper was a major ordeal for me. Unlike most prior inspirations that I had received in meditation, I could not attribute this to something that my conscious and subconscious mind had already been working on. Until the inspiration was dumped in my lap in an instantaneous flash, I had never even remotely considered writing anything like this. I do believe that the inspiration for this book came from a higher source, but that source did not tell me whom it was (I can’t claim it was Jesus, Buddha or God himself). At the time I received this inspiration (November 1997), dot-coms were booming, oil prices were at a 30-year low when inflation was factored in, and the Arab–Israeli situation looked like it was going to be resolved peacefully in short order. Life seemed quite rosy in general, and I seriously questioned the need for a book such as this.

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