You can neither run nor hide

Get it through your head, or get burned alive. Two years from now I won’t have the luxury of caring which happens to you first, much less taking the time to warn you repeatedly on the internet.

Resolve to do what it takes to survive. The main things are making plans and making friends with the sorts of people who make plans. Surround yourself with resilient, resourceful people who get things done, take responsibility for their mistakes, and aren’t going to get you and your children burned alive with their egos and delusions.

If you can’t find people like that, beat some with a stick until they’re like that. What, you think you’d go Rambo and slit throats when they come for your guns but shouting and hitting are against your principle of nonviolence? You might go to jail if you fail to maintain plausible deniability (pro tip: pillow with oranges) and you don’t hit that golden zone where your normies get Stockholm Syndrome and love you for beating them, but that was going to happen anyway and, plus, the first wave of exterminations tends to be more painless because the thrill of simply murdering someone won’t have gotten old for the nu-cops yet. It takes a few months for them to get around to relying on either starvation (“I have to kill 50 people again today? Can’t we just lock them in a room and let the problem take care of itself?”) or death by torture (“I’m bored and frustrated, I want to try something new and exciting today”). Imagine it’s their version of getting into hardcore porn, except their porn is killing peasants and then everyone claps because hating subhumans is brave.

Remember the rules for spanking. Not in anger, keep it to explicit rule violations (no expectations of mind reading), explain you still love them and why it happened, etc.

Considering how well they’ve buried these rules on Google, I may have to write that article up. Hell, it looks like even Focus on the Family is cucking on spanking. Did they not read the part about teachers being judged more harshly, or the bit about millstones around the neck? Worse than unbelievers.

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15 Responses to You can neither run nor hide

  1. Big says:

    >Presently living in a college dorm
    Uh oh

  2. Obadiah says:

    Dorms are only useful for bongo. Get outta there son

    Unless you’re a sexually licentious degenerate, then you’ll probably want to stay

  3. Ryu says:

    Have you written much on Ruby Ridge, AP?

    Randy Weaver is still alive today. What do you think he would say about what is happening today, if he was interviewed?

    I hope, you are not one of those who think a cop or soldier would not harm a fellow cop or soldier. Randy was a former Green Beret, and the feds had no qualms about what they did.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Have you written much on Ruby Ridge, AP?

      No, nothing.

      >Randy Weaver is still alive today. What do you think he would say about what is happening today, if he was interviewed?

      No idea.

      >I hope, you are not one of those who think a cop or soldier would not harm a fellow cop or soldier.

      Goodness me, no.

      • Ryu says:

        The reason you “should” value Randy’s opinion is because he saw what was coming, fought the Beast, and lived through the aftermath already.

        Randy took his family to Ruby Ridge in the late 1980s to avoid the NWO. But he was wrong, they came to him.

        The feds had already heavily infiltrated the Aryan Nations / Survivalist communities up in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. The feds targeted Randy because he refused to snitch or inform on the Aryan Nations people around him.

        Everything he feared, came to pass. Despite her mother being shot and killed by the police, his daughter became a normie:

        It seems to be that Tex always promoted the ideas that Thals should just run to their vaults and weld the door shut. I don’t think he ever talked about what happens, when that is not allowed.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Tex and I strongly disagree on that point, but from a consequentialist standpoint it’s not worth attacking him over.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          As for reading the right material, all I can say is I have to keep trusting my own judgment. My rule for accepting reading suggestions is to require a token amount of skin in the game, so if you donate some money to a political cause we can both agree on then I’ll read something you suggest.

  4. Dexter says:

    Isn’t this a bit exaggerated? I get that things suck for normal white Republicans in USA right now but I don’t understand how things can get so bad that they turn violent against people who haven’t done anything wrong. I’m not from there but still.

    Is there something I’m missing?

  5. rillxn says:

    I had a realization/revelation recently, and quite serendipitously, it relates to a post you made about avoidant vs. confrontational personalities. There’s no escaping what is to come – and even if one could, it would almost invariably entail abandoning many of whom we’ve committed to safeguard with out lives. It’s an act of cowardice, and, one may hazard, betrayal. We ought, like our Christian forefathers, to accept, nay, even invite, the possibility of martyrdom, if that’s the price of living in accordance with our faith. I like to think God selected and developed us precisely to face this particular incarnation of the adversary. He planted us in this time, in this place, and nurtured our talents that we may be of service to our kith and kin. I would rather eat mealworm paste in the gulags alongside those whom I swore to stand by than live an idyllic homesteading life in-da-woods knowing my brothers and sisters are being subjugated by the borg. They may be normies, but they’re MY normies. It is a privilege to suffer and die in service to the faith.

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