Perhaps Mr. Wildblood should take responsibility for where his bullets go by aiming before shooting

The source shows himself.

I no longer have any interest in discussing anything to do with the world with people who are not at least open to the fact that we are in the midst of a spiritual war and that the battle is over souls.

If this sounds familiar, you may have read Vox Day’s recent face-saving exit on Q. “If you don’t have the one-in-a-million IQ necessary to be encouraged by a brilliant marketing campaign like the average Trump voter it was intended to encourage, then I can’t be bothered discussing it with you midwit pedophiles. Hey look, shiny new thing! Disney is bad! Let’s bond over complaining like the old days!”

If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it.

Returning to William Wildblood’s explanation for why defooing is so brave (thank you for this), here’s the tl;dr-

Everything I’m about to say is so obvious that no one one can argue any point of it in good faith.
We’re in a spiritual war.
Socialism bad.
Modern art bad.
Modern science bad.
Feminism bad.
Egalitarianism bad.
The human spirit is dead forever. (huh?)
People today are subhuman hylics with dead, rotting souls.
Give up.
Lie down in the woods.
Let the moss reclaim you.
If you argue with any of the points above, it’s because you’re one of THEM.

Now, I’m no master propagandist, but I’ve seen this bit on the internet before. He’s using a bunch of common complaints to warm you up for this jump:

We’re in a spiritual war.
The human spirit is dead forever.

So you’re supposed to be doing the call-response crowd routine:

We’re in a spiritual war. “Yeah.”
Socialism bad. “Yeah!”
Modern art bad. “YEAH!”
Modern science bad. “YEAH!”
Feminism bad. “YEAH!”
Egalitarianism bad. “YEAH!”
The human spirit is dead forever. “Uh, not ours though! Fuckin’ sheep! YEAH!”

It’s the logic that gets you though. Because once you ideologically commit yourself to the belief that everyone around you is a P-zombie, it eventually sets in emotionally, and the rest of the logic follows exactly like Wildblood lays it out.

It’s funny how the only way of opposing the evil powers that be has the practical effect of giving them exactly what they want with no effort. Brave.

Fortunately, William Wildblood can’t be bothered explaining this because, being a Pneumatic, he’s just too goddamned special to be bothered with anyone who doesn’t already have a pure heart.

As for me, I’m getting a lot less patient with the disgust signalling routine. You think you’re signalling purity by contrast but what I’m seeing is the sort of person who’d spend an entire day explaining why they shouldn’t have to scrub toilets. See, they’re just so goddamn sensitive on account of the pure soul thing that such tasks are simply unthinkable. Isn’t there a more suitable role, perhaps that of a moral authority explaining how society ought to be run from a comfortable chair?

Yeah no, fuck you. At least we’re agreed on the “no more arguments” thing. But we have different ideas of the future, and in my future you’ll either be scrubbing toilets or populating a ditch. Allegedly.

Welcome to adulthood Mr. Wildblood.

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3 Responses to Perhaps Mr. Wildblood should take responsibility for where his bullets go by aiming before shooting

  1. Robotnick says:

    Over time it gnawed at me a bit here and there. I didn’t notice at first, but a lot of the people drawn to obscure corners of the internet like these, fringe theories, conspiracy theories, etc… these uber-independent minded people, are insufferable twats. Stuck in their own island in their head. Unable to agree and cooperate on anything meaningful because everyone had their own secret certain knowledge of how it all worked. Special snowflakes.
    I’m not innocent. I was in on this shit and it rubbed off badly on me.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Similarly, the irony of what I’m saying isn’t lost on me, but that doesn’t detract from the absolute necessity of saying it or public excoriation of the worst offenders.

  2. Ryu says:

    It is hard to admit one is wrong. Murkan politicians do it, and certainly Alt Right leaders also would like to be infallible.

    We’d all like to believe in the “free victory.” You know, someone else does all the hard work – just vote for Trump, trust the plan, and POW … we are really winning! I don’t enjoy criticizing Christianity, but the modern view promotes this idea that “just rend unto Caeser, obey the law and one day, Jesus will fight the final victory of evil”, which again does not require my help or risk.

    Anyone can be conned and over-emotional, and this certainly includes myself.

    The number of people who actually want to win on “our side” is extremely small. Sometimes, things ARE as they appear. We aren’t winning. Murka isn’t “becoming a police state”, it is one today.

    One doesn’t have to give up, but the solution is further than most people want to go.

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