Phrasing the psychohistory problem

People who become interested in things like Frank Salter’s tables in “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests” are generally trying to answer the same math problem:

Write a difference equation predicting the occurrence and outcome of wars dependent only on genetic homogeneity and mutation accumulation (a decent proxy for IQ).

E.g. Mutation generally tracks with heterogeneity, but Northern Europeans in 1500 were relatively heterogeneous compared to their extremely low mutation rate, which allowed them to win battles against and absorb more homogeneous populations with similarly low mutation.

Related books:

-Ethnic Conflicts: Their Biological Roots in Ethnic Nepotism by Tatu Vanhanen
-Race Differences in Ethnocentrism by Edward Dutton

You can generally tell from someone’s research history when they’re driven, whether consciously or not, by an existential anxiety to predict what’s going to happen over the next couple of decades. If something looks like a snake and it startles you like a snake…then regardless of whether it’s a snake or not, you probably have lower mutation accumulation than the cats who’ve lost the survival reflex.

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