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Another topic, and I can’t decide whether this would be way easier or harder, is a manual for normies on the care, feeding, and containment of geniuses.
So imagine Trump does his military coup and says we’re going back to the old days of supporting genius, and you’re his aid handing him the book to follow, what book would that be?
That’s the book I want to find or write.
Well, “want” isn’t the right word. I don’t want to write it at all because it sounds like a slog of turning common platitudes into actionable checklists.
Let’s imagine this secret military aid is named “G” for gangster.

This is something I struggle with as well. If I’m going to put an effort into a larger project, i want it to be insightful, interesting, and/or artful, but so much that actually helps get things done is minutiae

Many such cases.

The world is the truly the most recalcitrant negotiator

I think it would make me happy to look for this book for five minutes, then go on to space octopus women.
Okay, ten minutes if I’m honest.
We’ll make it a race! :DDD

We must breed a race of space octopus women. Our reasons are unclear, but the prospect is both exciting and mildly terrifying. That seems good enough
Anyway, what does G’s book say?

Oh shit, that reminds me of the main insight of the thing.
Geniuses are like human paperclip maximizers.
There’s a real need to contain them.
This isn’t obvious these days, because all we have today is a bunch of people with paperclips on their resumes crowding out the paperclip producers.
But you can’t just 100% suppress the normies and 100% set the geniuses loose.
They’d make people into ideas (because ideas are paperclips here) and then you’d have the Enlightenment, which was a terrible idea.
It’s the End of Evangelion where the orange juice is rationalizing absolute freedom of inquiry.
Because I need my fix.
Big data is a great example. It’s something we shouldn’t be doing but genuinely tempting.
Imagine the studies you could write with access to Amazon’s data on consumer preferences.

Serious inquiry is often aided by unserious whimsy


laaag. that should have been in response to the end of evangelion comment
but yes

Are you in Antarctica again?
How many times do we have to tell you those are weather balloons?

You can tell me all you like, but that won’t make it true

We’re monitoring the weather in Antarctica. It’s cold still.

It better be. That keeps my plans undetected

And it prevents the out of control growth of the, uh, sample.

This is perhaps the more important concern, but honestly it could go either way

Shit though, imagine you could correlate IQ, race, etc. to purchasing patterns, and create new archetypes from modes.
Turns out bigeye melons are into My Little Pony, who knew?
Anyway, enough lusting.

Well the data is out there
If no one is wiling to touch certian ideas due to social taboos, a potential advantage is there
That said, i wonder how much these ideas are untouched and how much they get dressed up in frou-frou language

Oh, I have no doubt the studies I’m talking about exist.


Amazon wasn’t created to level the playing field.

I’m thinking G’s book would cover the care and feeding of twice-exceptional adults, both gifted adults and adults with Asperger’s, a survey of the scientific study of genius, and a discussion of what medieval Europe did right and what they did wrong.

I’m actually torn on something as simple as whether you should allow Tesla to attempt to subsist entirely on milk.
These people are nuts.

My impulse is “no” but one of the principles of dealing with geniuses is to let them make their own decisions and give them pretty free rein
Basically treat them as weird, man-sized cats

Yeah. There’s gotta be some kind of rule like “Will doing this end their life within three days?”
I suppose the thing to manage is getting them to do their best work, so you have to (try to) stop them from putting themselves in a coma.
Where “best” is a balance of useful and the purest expression of the inexpressible thing they’re after.

I’m reminded of the stories of old soviet chess grandmasters who were whizzes at the chessbaord but couldn’t figure out how to drive or boil water for tea
On the other hand “chess grandmaster tricks people into doing stuff for him” is also not beyond the realm of posibility

Yeah, the problem with telling Tesla “no” is the stubbornness and ingenuity of these people.
He may develop telekinesis so he can milk cows at range.
Not a useful development since as far as we know telekinesis can’t be passed on to others genetically (as if Tesla would breed) or mimetically.

And on the whole, represents a lost opprotunity for something useful to have been developed instead

Probably the main thing is just providing basic spartan housing, library/internet access, and healthy food. If they want to eat something stupid they have to pay for it themselves.


“We’re having chicken, rice, and broccoli for dinner. You don’t have to eat but you have to attend for half an hour. If you want other food, get a job.”
This reminds me of a buddy who wants to rehabilitate his nephew whose parents have let him play video games and eat pizza rolls for the last 12 years.
That’s where I’m getting the basic idea from.

I do think identifying geniuses is going to be one of the key problems
People can tell who is just a bit smarter then them, or maybe even somewhat smarter than them, but by the time the gap gets big enough the ability to even recgonize the difference vanishes

That’s why one of the most important things would be keeping records of who says who’s intelligent.

And knowing who to regard as well as disregard

Well, we can be a bit fickle on that subject.
I don’t exactly disregard Charlton.
He says some good shit.

I soemtimes think about how eucaiton majors tend to have the lowest iqs of all college majors and I worry

That’s a different book :-).

Most people become teachers becaues they like kids and think they’re cute, but past 4th.5th grade the system needs to be a lot more serious about sorting kids by ability and bringing in the right people to train them accordingly

Masculine presence, in other words.
Competence hierarchies and specialization.

Definitely ahuge part of it

This is true of raising kids too.
Dad really isn’t doing much in the early years, but mom really isn’t doing much in the teenage years.

I actually think America did a pretty good job of letting talent filter to the top for most of its history

Yeah, I’d agree.
The problem was those talented people then had no moral connection to their “competition”.
So why not kill all the poor?

Oh, speaking of the drudgery of actually getting anything done as an evil genius, this one was good too:

Well they’re the grist for the mill of society, those whose bodies are broken so the devouring maw can bestow the infernal blessings of happiness on those who have scraped their way to a higher tier on the pyramid
Be nice to the porr because not doing so is eating the seed corn of society

Not because the poor deserve it, that way lies, uh, some hard truths, but because responsibility to others, human connection, and trust are the moral fabric of the society which allowed meritocracy to exist in the first place.
So you aren’t loving the poor because they’re lovable, but because the existence of that loving connection is more essential than who it’s between.

I sometimes wonder why I never went evil, and I think it boils down to two ideas: “Being better doesn’t make you better” and “The size of your talent is tells you the size of your responsibility”
And the former is sort of a hedge against hubris.
Former = “being better doesn’t make you better”
the SAT doesn’t score moral worth or wisdom
And even if your IQ is at the 1 in a 1000 mark, that’s still not much in q world of billion and it certainly doesn’t grant one the power of life and death over anyone else

This reminds me, the other day I was thinking about how the manosphere didn’t talk much about how being sexually attractive is part of loving your wife.
It was always a fear response to potential divorce rape.

^Yeah, there was never any discussion of how being in a marriage, a sacred union, implies duties on both sides
“I can get fat and ugly and if she complains i’ll neg her”

So you don’t wear the aviators because your wife will divorce rape you if you don’t turn her on, you wear them because turning her on is part of your job description, just like staying thin is part of hers.

Yeah, it’s almost like relationships don’t function without reciprocity

Well, the internet can be pretty autistic that way.

People believe what thye want to hear and “you can have it all for nothing in return” is a pretty potent siren song

Re: the power of life and death, I’ve always figured that civic justice should be almost entirely based on consequentialist ethics. Because ultimately “vengeance belongs to the Lord”.
Re: People believe what thye want to hear and “you can have it all for nothing in return” is a pretty potent siren song
It’s a maturity thing, and in the case of masculine brains (the manosphere was basically a male space) one of the manifestations is objectifying people because of low empathy.
Something for nothing is the immaturity part. For women that means not developing a sense of realism.
Even the flightiest female characters of olde, like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, had a sense of realism under the facade. It’s what used to allow women to play the game properly, because you have to get the point first before you dance around it.
Hungry already.

Well eating is certainly allowed
we’re not in the gulag with our space octopus babes yet

My neighbor and I were lamenting last night that when you’re 16 you can grow football-tier muscles from candy and 2 hours of sleep.
Now he’s 26 and I’m explaining to him he has to eat breakfast, not fast and binge, and lose weight slowly.

Seriously. I accidentally picked the wrong weight yesterday for my warm-up and i nearly ripped my arm out of its socket
That’s not how it’s supposed to work


What do you mean I can just start ripping maximum weight stone-cold?

I talked to an older guy yesterday who’s been out of commission for years because he turned suddenly and had to get both knees replaced.

Yeah, everyone I know above the age of 50 who played college football, even outside Division 1, is now a cyborg
Metal hips and knees and pins and everything

The good news is, I wouldn’t trade the wisdom and experience of age to look like Dolph Lundgren.
If that means 3 hours of cardio a day to carry just 10 pounds more fat than I want, so be it.

He’s unrecognizable now
Looks nothing like ivan drago


well, he’s sill in shape, but his face is tough and leathery
Same thing happened to bowie

Oh, well I don’t really care about the looks anyway, I just have him in my head as a person who’s both physically and mentally impressive.

He was dainty and fey in the 70s and 80s and late in life he looked like a well-groomed 19th century ship captain
Well Lundgren is certainly both of those

My motive for exercise as an adult has always been the feeling of energy and power.
Cardio for energy, strength for power.
I like looking at things around and knowing I could destroy them with my bare hands.
Even more than that though, I like turning the workouts from red to green on my tracker.
I guess the conscientiousness of old age is turning me into a normie that way.
Gold star daddy loves me!
I told a bunch of people this week I got a 98 on my midterm and I can’t tell anymore if I’m virtue signalling for me or for pragmatism.
That may actually be a bad sign, I should bring that in a bit until I’m ready for bigger responsibilities.
When you’re playing with fire it’s important to be self-conscious about it.
I wonder if that’s true of riding the tiger too.


Okay, so the strategy of being 100% in the moment confirmed not the right strategy for wrestling tigers.

With the exception being the most literal instance
Though you should probably have an exit plan in that case
Fun fact, apparently the strategy is to make them think you’re just playing

“Before ride tiger, padawan should try ride kitten.”. – Confuscius

If they think you’re struggling the “iz prey kill and eat” swtich gets flipped
I have no desire to ever test this empirically

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3 Responses to The rest of the Owl convo

  1. LOADED says:

    Mmm….good stuff good stuff. Do you consider your innate traits to correlate to a big-eye melon’s or am I misinterpreting what you wrote there?

    Oftentimes I find that reading the complexities of peoples’ writings can go over my head.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Do you consider your innate traits to correlate to a big-eye melon’s or am I misinterpreting what you wrote there?

      No, I have big eyes but bigeye melons aren’t into MLP. I think you need to actually be autistic or something.

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