Another stupid right vs. left shitpost

Just processing some bile today, don’t hold it against me.

Nietzsche said “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” I think it’s become split into two things as part of libido decoupling. This is a retread of the old yarn that conservatives don’t have any prescriptions for how society ought to be, just complaints about new things they don’t like but will get used to:

Rightism = He who has a “why not” can bear almost any what.

Leftism = He who has a “why” can bear almost any how.

So rightism is really just a strategy for coping with oppression until you die or it goes away. Leftists have a positivist philosophy and apparently no brakes on their pragmatism, but they’re notoriously incapable of bearing even the slightest setbacks. Normally you’re supposed to have a bit of both, like r and k selection, risk-taking and risk-aversion, men and women, or smarty-pantses and dumb-dumbs. So we live in this weird bimodal world now where half the population is jumping headfirst off of bridges and the other half is afraid to go outside.

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13 Responses to Another stupid right vs. left shitpost

  1. dexter1728 says:

    Conservatives failed, balkanization is the only way.

    • LOADED says:

      Do you get all of your knowledge from the Internet? Ever tried using empirical concepts to come up with things or are you brainwashed?

      • LOADED says:

        Empathy will save you Dexter. You need healing. Heal through the power of love.

      • dexter1728 says:

        No, but most of it.

        Well, it’s a fact that things are getting worse and the USA is getting more divided and social trust is going down. These are the sorts of things that lead to fragmentation.

        If you want empirical concepts look at Peter Turchin. Increased genetic and memetic variance leads to separation…

        Also, it was a glib comment – don’t take it too seriously. I’m not completely writing off things like a renewed heightened civic nationalism or perhaps a libertarian government with less influence – people separate further, but still, all live in a more free (from government) nation.

        I think the second option is quite attractive. Not quite minarchy, but approaching it. Patchwork is a pretty interesting alternative (that’s the one that would involve the USA fragmenting).

      • dexter1728 says:

        Smaller government is unlikely, though. Immigrants usually want more government not less.

        ‘Empathy will save you Dexter. You need healing. Heal through the power of love.’ Hahahah will try

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          The trouble is it’s never the same people for very long. If Trump took office again only 5 of those 29 would remain separatists and we’d start hearing about separatism from the left side of the aisle. In other words, they’re pretty much all full of shit.

          • dexter1728 says:

            Even if Dems are in power now, they still hate Trump supporters and want nothing to do with them. I thought that the 29% would include dems and repubs in roughly equal measure.

            Also, doesn’t matter who’s doing the separating, end result is the same. That’s why I think that it’s in ‘white supremacists” best interests to support black separatist movements. Encourage them, and make movies featuring Wakanda. That way they won’t predict what would actually happen (another Haiti).

            Accelerationism is pretty risky though… probably wouldn’t be my go-to.

            Not from the states, btw, so don’t have similar understanding to someone who’s been actually immersed in that culture.

            • dexter1728 says:

              For now, all that I would do is convince whites to grow a colelctive spine..

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              The point is, they’d prefer to dominate their enemies than live apart from them, so all it takes to keep them together is dangling the hope of winning the next round. They aren’t serious about separating if they change their minds based on who’s president, it’s just a pose for negotiating harder. “Oh yeah? Well if Biden STEALS a second term then the guns come out!” Lol, sure buddy.

            • dexter1728 says:

              Yeah, I get you. Everyone is so low IQ and low T that these things will go unchallenged. Would be nice if something like Unz Review started reporting and joined the mainstream. Then you’d get properly diverse lamestream media, not just Fox vs the rest.

  2. another handle says:

    Eh, probably being romantic here; but, a simple devolution of power from the federal level back to the states will fix most people’s irritation.

    Look at how sherrifs in VA shut down assault weapons ban by threatening to deputize all the gun owners. Just like the US survived prior oligarchs, we’ll probably run a quick period of mob rule/ populism before returning to aristocracy. All this while ‘”retaining” our constitution.

    All assuming this cycle rhymes with prior cycles. Other cycles included the Civil War so not all peaches and cream.

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