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Space octopus demon as collective unconscious

Ken and I finally nailed it down. Obadiah was right. Jenova was this thing all along. The existential dread part comes from the fear that your nurturing Mother Gaia is going to move on to the next stage of humanity … Continue reading

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Owl convo about…things

Preview: I’m not sure how to manage the tone shift from “YOU”RE GOING TO DIE TOMORROW” to “Octopus melons, where melons = big breasts”. (Arbitrary starting point in the conversation) …[That] explains that thing Milo said about the Alt-Right only … Continue reading

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Phrasing the psychohistory problem

People who become interested in things like Frank Salter’s tables in “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests” are generally trying to answer the same math problem: Write a difference equation predicting the occurrence and outcome of wars dependent only on genetic homogeneity … Continue reading

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Perhaps Mr. Wildblood should take responsibility for where his bullets go by aiming before shooting

The source shows himself. I no longer have any interest in discussing anything to do with the world with people who are not at least open to the fact that we are in the midst of a spiritual war and … Continue reading

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You can neither run nor hide

Get it through your head, or get burned alive. Two years from now I won’t have the luxury of caring which happens to you first, much less taking the time to warn you repeatedly on the internet. Resolve to do … Continue reading

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Where Charlton and I ultimately differ

For example; it is recognized among his supporters that President Trump has been – for more than four years – surrounded by incompetents and traitors to his cause.  Opinion is divided as to whether this was Trump’s fault, because of … Continue reading

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Summary of a summary of Survivor Personality by Al Siebert

The struggle for survival is a fascinating and inspiring subject, forming the basis for many of the most memorable books and movies. Psychologist Al Siebert’s personal fascination with survivors began when he received his military training from a group of … Continue reading

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Pit of the stomach exercise for training intuition

From a review of Al Siebert’s Survivor Personality: The difficulty in dealing with intuitive messages is to distinguish between the different inner voices. Which is speaking? Is it the voice of fear, ego, fantasy? Or true inner guidance and wisdom? … Continue reading

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Charity in the abstract: supplying straw for bricks as if by magic

The apartment complex I live at was acquired by a new owner a couple years ago. Consequently they fired all the maintenance staff except one, but still required the poor guy to do all the same work with the same … Continue reading

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More re: tentacles

A followup insight to this post, courtesy of Betelgeuse: about tentacle symbolism “… Something else occurred to me: what if the monster tentacle mother is the “devouring mother” von Franz refers to above? “ This strikes me as likely somehow. … Continue reading

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