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On urban fashion

I’ve always thought that the endpoint of urban fashion is to look like sewn-together garbage, while also looking like you spent a lot of money on it. I can’t think of a better statement for saying “I’m R-selected” than spending … Continue reading

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The subjective experience of my brain

I’m at a 3 on this. I can do visualization at a 2 but it requires an enormous effort (paradoxically) of relaxation beforehand, so that I may as well be asleep. Extremely familiar things like my grocery store or my … Continue reading

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Being a normie and brand loyalty are apparently the same evopsych strategy

For some reason this guy hid the best part of his presentation at the very end. This video link is supposed to start at 1:09:40 or so but the new WordPress embed function is fucked, so just click there yourself. … Continue reading

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(Briefly) on the overlap of spider melons, alchemists, and tentacled cosmic horrors

Recommended by Tex: Octopus melon is to spider melon as bankid is to snake Kensuimo Plausible. I’ve been wondering recently what the overlap between spiderwebs and space tentacles was. Maybe that represents the blurry middle ground between top-level Overwatch shit … Continue reading

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