Cheese and Simpsons consuming beasts

Here’s the same message from two different angles:

So when the Jews describe you as “cheese and sauce consuming beasts”…are they even wrong?

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3 Responses to Cheese and Simpsons consuming beasts

  1. bumble says:


    ‘WHat does it matter, God isn’t in a building.
    WHat if we picked the wrong religion?’

    Homer nails churchians/prots/RCs.
    Homer is inspired by God

    Nice poast

  2. name says:

    Not really, no. I still choose the tree trunk the majority of the time.

  3. The Game Master says:

    The Simpsons stopped being funny about twenty years ago. As with South Park, they’ve somehow managed to keep it around in spite of the fact that it’s way past both its prime and its expiration date. They should be making new shows and movie series instead of maintaining geriatric ones or resurrecting dead ones, but they can’t do that, because culturally relevant creativity is no longer possible in this post-historical age of decadence.

    Also, atheism stopped being interesting or edgy about ten years ago. Popular atheism is dead, and Rebecca Watson’s awkward elevator ride has killed it.

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