Is there any Christian capitalism available in a dying empire? (meaning not morally repugnant)

From the normies:

How would you capitalize on a dying empire?

Drugs and sex slavery.

is there any Christian capitalism available in a dying empire?
meaning not morally repugnant

It’s going to be shades of gray, since everyone you do business with is going to be a drug dealer or sex slaver themselves. This is always the case, it’s just more obvious when the level of sin is more prominent. In terms of being okay with it, the thing to do is focus on segments of the population that are above average morality, so you feel good about your product being good for them*. The other thing about capitalism is it has to be goal-oriented. Making money for the purpose of making money is Jesus’ definition of evil. You have to be making money to pay for things in particular that are good. If you know what those are it’ll help you make those tradeoff decisions like “Am I okay with my client using my product to do X?” If it’s a choice between your kids eating or not, then the moral choice becomes a lot clearer. There are a few things that are worse than your kids going hungry, but more things are better. If it’s about growing the pile from N to N+1, then you’ve entered the realm of relativism.

Living under oppressive foreign rule or in the Gulag means you have to get comfortable making hard choices between two bad options. (I define hard choices as decisions you regret afterward, but wouldn’t change.) This requires clarity about the relative importance of things.

*The reason for this comes from evopsych, not Christianity. Feeling good comes from the perception that you’re applying eugenic pressure on the economic system, rather than making a bad genepool worse (hence the simple metric “better than average”). As a rule of thumb, try to restrict your client and customer base to people whose reproductive success wouldn’t offend or depress you. For example, while both Jeffrey Epstein and Edward Snowden are sinners deserving hell, it offends and depresses me that Epstein had thousands of children but it makes me happy to see Snowden’s wife pregnant. Giving them equal access to the comparative advantage of my services would apply dysgenic pressure since Epstein is a billionaire, which would make me feel bad.

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3 Responses to Is there any Christian capitalism available in a dying empire? (meaning not morally repugnant)

  1. Obadiah says:

    >You have to be making money to pay for things in particular that are good.

    That is basically how I justify my job. It’s all about the ultimate use of the money I accumulate.

  2. swtony says:

    Farming is the best bet, but don’t cut the corners of your fields, and don’t pick up the fallen bits, leave them for the poor and the sojourners. And then tithe at least a tenth of all that your farm produces to the poor, to widows, to orphans. You can employ some poor folk too.

    If you make a living in another way, spend at least 10% of your net income in the same way, and you’re good with God, in this repsect anyways.

    Buy bibles, go and give them to people, obey the great commission command.

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