On repetitive motion injury

This is just amateur opinion at this point, but I don’t think repetitive motion injury is a real thing. Cycling fixes runner’s knee because it develops the inner quad so the outer quad isn’t pushing your kneecap in. Well, I was getting some serious pain in my forearms from doing lots of chinups. Then I started lifting weights again, and in particular made some beginner gains back on triceps. Like magic, the pain is nearly gone. As is my wont, I’ll generalize from a dataset of N=2 and say repetitive motion injury isn’t injury at all, it’s muscle imbalance. Therefore, the way to fix all such injuries isn’t by taking it easy, it’s by going hard on underdeveloped areas.

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4 Responses to On repetitive motion injury

  1. Obadiah says:

    gave ur mum a repetitive motion injury last nite m8

  2. Kneepain says:

    Which undeveloped areas would explain which pain? You should put together a list. It could be game changing

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