Machine learning predicts big 5 traits from pictures with low-medium predictive power

From Ken:

0.2-0.3 is that magical region of correlation coefficients where you can’t ignore it, but you can’t apply it usefully either, so you’re pretty much fucked no matter what you do. This is comparable to the correlation of IQ and years of schooling IIRC, which is bigly significant at the population level, dangerously unreliable in real life, and deceptively reductionistic at the theoretical level. This suggests some kind of signalling arms race in the evolutionary history of such traits (“Hire me for research, I’m high in openness and conscientiousness! AHAHAHA sucker all your funding is belong to me now!”).

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10 Responses to Machine learning predicts big 5 traits from pictures with low-medium predictive power

  1. Neandercel says:

    Aeoli, plz add me on Discord.

  2. dexter1728 says:

    Pretty useful in some instances, but I reckon a well-trained interviewer would be better at assessing personality than facial recognition software. Another interesting one would be predicting personality traits from morphology plus some sort of brain scanning apparatus – I bet the correlations would be pretty good.

    What morphological traits do you think correlate with each of Big Five? You should do a post like the one you did about IQ and its morphological correlates.

    • Watching Star Trek Ironically says:

      Wow. That episode is even more disturbing than the one from season 7 in which that transdimensional space pedophile from Tau Alpha C disguises himself as a shamanic Injun refugee in an attempt to finally get into Wesley’s pants, all while Captain Picard struggles with his White privilege. They should include it as an Easter egg in the next re-release of the TNG DVD box set. Wait. Are DVDs even still a thing, or have the happy merchants concluded that subscription streaming services are far more profitable?

  3. Obadiah says:

    vulcans: TT
    romulans: MM
    humans: TM
    klingons: MT/altrugenic techno-sparta (rite of ascension: warrior ingenopathic geas)

    Q: starchild(?)
    Ferengi: ((((((((((((( )))))))))))))
    orions: sapien breeding stock

    borg hive: ahriman
    borg queen: lucifer
    borg cube: saturn death cult/satan/black cube

    kirk: cave bear

    don’t know enough trek

    • Obadiah says:

      (The Klingons dont really become based MT straight-shooter Spartans until TNG. In the original series they’re like russo-mongol space huns or something)

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