A bit of Edenic speculation with Betelgeuse

…Cro magnons have a dual life history strategy where they think it’s normal to act like a nigger in early life then you grow out of it and act like a neanderthal.

What an interesting idea, tho’. Indeed, cro mags were more cunning then today a saps
knew how to survive, since the brain mass was greater probably they had more thal genes… There was an article about an anti selection for intelligence in our mates, as a general population
the thal genes are selected against for

Well, the main purpose AFAICT is that it prevents out-of-control selection for neanderthals.
If breeding occurs at 16 under the influence of drugs, then that selects out the spergs who consider their brains a secondary sexual characteristic. (Edit: contrast this with young normies, for whom the ability to have fun is a secondary sexual characteristic, and you can see how drug use in early life would be a good litmus test.)(edited)
Then they grow up and still benefit from civilization and single neanderthal artisans.
It’s pretty ingenious, tbh.

Idiocracy is a prophecy
Which doesn’t help since thal males are weirdos. i knew a lot of them, since i went to art highachool then collage and masters. lots of thals. they just don’t get it

It’s a winning strategy right up until it isn’t.

Thals mate selection simply doesn’t work in today s context. they need to actually realize this, then take action. but then..the ponies aired a new episode and the cave needs new murals.

They need to learn to trust their gut and distrust their heart.
Whereas white people just need to stop worshiping psychopathy. That’ll never happen though, and I haven’t thought past that yet.
It’s because their only distinguishing feature from the rest of the world is that they aren’t psychopaths and everyone else is, but that’s the neanderthal part of them.
And they’re busy worshiping the sapiens half.
But then if they give that up, the neanderthal selection goes out of control.

the only way to change this selection is to change society. the society can be changed only by people, and thus by DNA. so unless there will be some external cause that will trigger eugenics or epigenetic changes, things will remain the same. There was a cool, brutal movie about this, a governmental experiment about an intrisec need for social change in people. The Platform. really really brutal, my MT s recommendation
psychopaths are born with something missing.. not sure if it’s related to saps or simply an error of development

It’s just amygdala underdevelopment.
Sometimes people point to the frontal lobe but I like to distinguish low-IQ inability to anticipate consequences from a motivated lack of interest in anticipating consequences.
Look into Bob Hare’s stuff if interested.
The same amygdala underdevelopment can be seen in leftists to a lesser extent.
But that’s probably got an environmental component of never experiencing negative consequences.

The main thing to remember is it all comes down to Bob Hare’s shock test.
You don’t have that in the African environment, so they have a lot of psychos.
As Jean Twenge pointed out in The Narcissism Epidemic, the dark triad isn’t a pathology, it’s just a different strategy.

I ve read that articles about leftists, they tried to turn the results into a positive.. But the scale at which this is happening makes me think it’s more a biological trigger, once the saps population reaches a certain density. it’s too well synchronized with all the other events. a call for a self culling. nature is cruel,and epigenetic studies proved a species can change and adapt a lot in only one generation

I agree it’s probably a biological trigger.
Speculatively speaking, my psychological insight into the scope of this suicidal impulse is pretty overwhelming.
People today run the gamut from wanting to survive a bit (the neanderthal survivor impulse) to not wanting to survive to actively desiring oblivion.
The average death drive is pretty black pilling.
It’s not quite as bad as it looks on the surface to politically minded people (i.e. it’s not 99%), but it’s enough to shake your optimism (i.e. it’s about 65% of white people literally think they can kill everything and then go to heaven, and that’s the population I called less psychopathic above).(edited)
That leaves another 30% with mixed feelings (or just weak or no feelings) who could go one way or the other, and a bare 5% with the struggler gene.

Not even knowing that their death wish exists, not even realising their behaviour is suicidal on long term.
It makes sense, evolutionary. im curious if indeed other anti reproduction systems are triggered, like increased sexual deviants, homosexuals and asexuals- linked with the evolutionary stress of living in such a crowded environment

(Adding this pic at the end for “struggler gene” flavor.)

What a great freakin’ animu. Just look at the detail on that panel. That’s one throwaway corner panel out of something like 40 volumes. It takes up an entire shelf at the library. When I think about the sheer number of lines Kentaru Miura drew on paper over the years it really drills home how fourth-rate I actually am.

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6 Responses to A bit of Edenic speculation with Betelgeuse

  1. Robotnick says:

    It seems most white dudes I know born after 1997 listen to mostly the newest mumble rap or an occasional mall-rock song. Over digitized formulaic bs.
    Like they never had a chance to enjoy the more organic sounds and joys of good 90s alt rock or whatever. Something with a rawness and beauty more suitable for a European descended person.

    Well, it’s not an exactly new phenomenon. From the 20s to the 50s, white people (though perhaps mainly urban whites I guess) seemed obsessed with everything “Jazzy”
    Some kind of break away/rebellion from the more austere Melonish-Nobilid aspects of white European culture of the victorian era and to some extent prior.

  2. LOADED says:

    What you may be referring to is the psychopath’s lack of agency that corresponds to a need to individualize completely and invest all pursuits into gratifying themselves while limiting the benefits given to others. it is the opposite of benevolence and a diversion from utilitarianism almost to the point of hedonism.

    a psychopath is simply a me vs. everything around me attitude. from a societal perspective secondary psychopaths fit this generalization well while primary psychopaths may fit less into this although both have different rationalizations for why and how to achieve this.

    psychopaths are controlled by the external desires they have. they want to individualize as much as possible in order to completely feel in control of things around them. and they want this individualized notion of themselves to feel as good as possible without having to give anything in return to others or sacrifice their well-being for another.

    this may define a clinical psychopath’s deeper motivations and why they lack empathy and other neurotypical behaviors.

  3. MM says:

    >Whereas white people just need to stop worshiping psychopathy.

    People are becoming narcissists, not psychopaths.

    (also nihilists, and schizoids- making many of today’s young men act alot like ‘thals’ actually… avoidant personality, etc.)

    The telltale trait of the modern is compensatory narcissism.
    These people may act grandiose but it is not their genuine self evaluation, unlike with a grandiose narcissist (a primary psychopath).


    The modern will take status over actual power every time.

    I think this is far worse.

    I fucking wish white people had a more psychopathic ideal.

    Maybe you’d get some people talking to niggers and Boomers the right way:

    WHITE MAN You can do whatever you want LOL


    >Speculatively speaking, my psychological insight into the scope of this suicidal impulse is pretty overwhelming.
    People today run the gamut from wanting to survive a bit (the neanderthal survivor impulse) to not wanting to survive to actively desiring oblivion.
    The average death drive is pretty black pilling.

    People, especially white men, have nothing to live for.

    No God, no dream, no economic prospects, no connection, no group pride.

    (Except Leftism for the proles and captains, and Psychopathic power attainment for the enlightened)
    (as has been one of the 3-4 underlying dreams of Man since the beginning of the race- “Become God”)

    That’s why so many are becoming narcissists, to be able to continue to convince themselves to exist via a deluded sense of how ‘superior’ intellectually, physically, morally, etc. they are.

    It also excuses the inability to maintain social connections, as people can be devalued as simply not being good enough to
    socialize with a being as supreme as oneself.

    But… they are not psychopaths and they do not have a psychopathic ideal.

    The narcissistic ideal is status.

    The psychopathic ideal is POWER :)

    The compensatory narcissists feel that the valuations of others have meaning, and that these opinions can sancitify them, essentially.

    A primary psychopath/ grandiose narcissist has no need for such unnecessary ‘confirmations’… he KNOWS, and will show you in due course with no need to ‘rub it in’
    and potentially jeopardize his machinations like the compensatory narcissist (and potentially the secondary psychopath, who has emotions) will time and time again.

    >The only sword a struggler can use against death: struggle, challenge, and rise to struggle again!

    Yes, that is the process by which Man constructs felt ‘meaning’.

    ‘Meaning’, which is fundamentally a feeling of “beyond the here and now… beyond death”

    Of course, no accomplishment will make this feeling last!

    It must be worked toward and achieved anew, in this here and now and the next.
    For as long as you are human.

    Man is Sisyphus. Man is Becoming.

    (‘Life as music’, as an analogy)

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Well, worshiping psychopathy is one of the characteristic symptoms of narcissism. So we aren’t really in disagreement. I might nitpick at your use of “psychopathic ideal” where I’d use the term “Machiavellianism”.

  4. MM says:

    A population of low social skills people with compulsive, restrictive interests can produce outstanding individuals that benefit a society (as AP has laid out in detail) but they can not, by themselves, make a society that functions even as well as the hellhole we currently inhabit.


    -Has aspergers been on the rise, as with ‘autism spectrum disorders’ in general?
    Would have interesting implications in terms of thal theory shieet (that I dont believe).
    I guess you guys could just appeal to it being completely diff than the other disorders and since its all lumped together its a useless clusterfuck :(

    somewhere in this video Sam talked about how Psychopathy retreats in older age. It was like a parallel of the start of this post (young-uns being crazy).

    Probably alot more but Im out of time

  5. Dexter says:

    Good observation at the start – it’s weird how people go through this seemingly contrived shift in attitudes. As a young person, I felt more mature than my age; as a young adult I feel childish in ways.

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