Update on Dad

The procedure went flawlessly, his heart is now acting normal and beating under its own power, and he’s awake this morning. Surgeon says he’ll probably take him off ventilator today. The good news is that the heart itself was in pretty good shape, other than the damage caused by the infection (which wasn’t sourced), so he’s likely to make a full recovery and be in good health afterward.

Thank you for your prayers and God bless. We couldn’t have hoped for a better medical team or a better outcome than we got. On the contrary, they challenged my negative stereotype of medical professionals and the medical industry in general. I may have to become a filthy moderate on that topic.

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4 Responses to Update on Dad

  1. Nottuh says:

    This is wonderful news, Aeoli!

  2. Zeb Zebley says:


  3. Obadiah says:


  4. I’m so glad to hear everything went well!

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