Anecdotes re: autism, number of details in a Gestalt test, cartoons, and real-life functioning
Sharing this on the off-chance that you haven’t already seen it


Interesting. I got 1 and 3 easily but I still can’t see 2 and 4 at all even knowing what they’re supposed to be.
May have something to do with autism and anime/cartoons.
The two I failed at have much more detail.
That actually matches the IQ my achievement level would predict, 109 [note: OP says 106 but Pumpkin Person has since renormed the test upward by 3 points], which is also approximately what Cooijmans said was the approximate handicap of Asperger’s (comparable to a 30-point IQ handicap, being blind, or being born missing both legs).

I took it two years ago. I can’t remember whether I got 1 and 4, or just 1. PP adjusted the norm upward by 3 points.
I’m a currently unemployed sales clerk, an occupation which is entirely consistent with an I.Q. of 93

Interesting that our experiences both show this. I’ll probably do a post on it to introduce the idea.

I’d certainly be interested in reading that
I came across this essay on Napoleon a few weeks ago. The section titled ‘Narcissism & Autistic Memory’ may be relevant

Unfortunately, I don’t have this autistic quality. My memory is in general very poor (especially for biographical information and dates- remembering my zip code requires an effort of will), except in my current area of narrow, obsessive interest where it takes on this effortless, near-perfect character.

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Maybe do this later?
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11 Responses to Anecdotes re: autism, number of details in a Gestalt test, cartoons, and real-life functioning

  1. Nottuh says:

    Could the (relatively) poor autobiographical memory maybe be a fast-life history trait you have? Perhaps attributable to masculinization?

    Alternatively, could it be that you just don’t invest much moral effort in keeping autobiographical details straight?

    • aiaslives says:

      It’s probably the second. The first is occupied by people with SDAM and most of them are mega normies with very poor visualization (often aphantasic).

  2. Obadiah says:

    3.5, test took about 15 seconds walking around on my phone at work. Only one I didn’t get immediately was Jesus but once I read it was supposed to be a person I immediately saw exactly and unmistakeably who it was supposed to be.

    So “forest first” perceivers/neurotypicals/head girls are probably strongly advantaged at this particular sort of test, which matches your and Cooijman’s predictions re: proportionate asperger handicap.

  3. Kensuimo says:

    “This meant he faced impossible identity problems, with the inability to form an authentic identity having many symptoms. When young he was a fervent Corsican patriot; the framework of patriotism allowed him to use Corsica-ness as if it were Napoleon-ness. Later, when that was useless, he became a obsessive revolutionary for precisely the same reason. At length French-ness was the essence of Napoleon. At no time did he draw on inner resources to form a sense of identity, since there were almost no such resources. His younger brother Lucien remarked on how he discerned a void in Napoloeon where human character and integrity should have been.”

    Good (external) description of shallowsock.

    • MM says:

      >Good (external) description of shallowsock.

      Maybe a tendency to cluster B personality types in general, but NPD/ grandiose narcissism as such? No.

      “Life is a burden to me because I feel no pleasure and because everything is affliction to me. It is a burden to me because the men with whom I have to live and will probably always live have ways as different from mine as the light of the moon from that of the sun. I cannot then pursue the only manner of living which could enable me to put up with existence, whence follows a disgust for everything.”

      Hence the propensity towards ‘melon’ megalomania and ‘thal’ withdrawal-engagement cycles (for aspie) or total withdrawal (schizoid).

      (As an aside, it also reads as a summation of Gen Z, though the disgust would have to be mostly sublimated [aka covered in stupid memes] in such a case)

      Could also be thought of as overt narcissism vs covert [likely cerebral] (both compensatory type) at higher end (but I dont know how that gels with aspergers instead of schizoid, which it deff gels with)

      ‘Thal’ could also become a masochistic ‘anti’ narcissist (receiving sadistic pleasure- self supply- from self trashing, defeat, and failure).

      • MM says:

        *note that a covert narcissist uses supply to fight off feelings of inferiority, whereas the overt narcissist uses supply to bolster a perception of total superiority

        • MM says:

          >to bolster a perception of total superiority
          In regards to overt compensatory narc.
          Primary psychopath- aka grandiose narcissist genuinely believes this and is not ‘compensating’. Napoleon seems to be an overt narc with strong psychopathic traits.
          Kinda like Trump but much much much less gay.

  4. legally retarded says:

    Three. Brother got two and dad got 2.5. I only figured out how to see Jesus after dad pointed out the shadows of his face. I had a lot of trouble with everything and had to look at each picture for a couple of seconds as I had to map out each one in my head, as often times new things make my mind feel confined and I have to explore everything and connect the dots until it’s no longer so confined.

  5. Heaviside says:

    I got 3 out of 4, but I had already seen item 2 before somewhere else. Item 4 feels like a trick question after having seen the answer because it seems like the noise on the sides is just a red herring and not part of a coherent scene.

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