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Summary of The Anatomy of Courage by some guy named Adam Drake

I was inspired to find this book by something like random chance and found it exceedingly applicable to survival in the modern environment. Just a quick summary as I don’t really have detailed notes for this book. The Anatomy of … Continue reading

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Review of Gorilla Mindset

(MM’s summary here. This post merely evaluates the content without providing context.) It’s really quite good. It’s intensely practical and actionable without getting dogmatic, and well-written to boot. These are all things that appeal to the INTJ mind, which I’ve … Continue reading

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Green beard altruism simulation animation

H/T prefc:

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Linguistic criticism of Industrial Society And Its Future

I’ve started listening to Industrial Society And Its Future on Audible, and it’s a bit disappointing so far. The author makes an internally coherent case with great clarity and confidence, which could be the definition of literary charisma, the problem … Continue reading

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Update on Dad

The procedure went flawlessly, his heart is now acting normal and beating under its own power, and he’s awake this morning. Surgeon says he’ll probably take him off ventilator today. The good news is that the heart itself was in … Continue reading

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Prayer request

My dad is having open heart surgery sometime this week out of the blue. If you have any pull with the big guy I’d appreciate if you spend some of it on my dad. He’s a Boomer, but he’s my … Continue reading

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A bit of Edenic speculation with Betelgeuse

…Cro magnons have a dual life history strategy where they think it’s normal to act like a nigger in early life then you grow out of it and act like a neanderthal. What an interesting idea, tho’. Indeed, cro mags … Continue reading

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Unironically one of the best depictions of the Easter story out there

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