A scene outline

>Establish a techno-future Satanic summoning circle vibe with the Alchemist character and his eight lieutenants.

>They techno-summon a black sun type of thing on a pedestal. Similar to my dream, the buzzing static noise gets louder and louder until they each fall asleep. The Alchemist falls asleep last by using his peerless mental discipline to resist it, and his blurring eyes see a light-body walk out from the black sun as if from a distance (and the black orb gets smaller as if receding or being absorbed into the light body). Probably borrow descriptions from Buddhism: https://www.buddhistdoor.net/features/light-body-practice-first-stages

>The Alchemist wakes up to collective unconsciousness lady, except her look and vibe are more like Yuna or maybe the Wolf’s Rain girl (it’s been a LONG time since I watched that) than Major Kusanagi. Except the superhuman intelligence in her eyes is still notably intense and disconcerting (plagiarize Count to a Trillion for that).

>A bit of dialogue follows about what her name should be:

“What should I call you?”
“You spent your life in pursuit of me, yet I’ll only be with you for a short time. Oblivion?”
“It would be weird to call you that. I don’t think so.”
“Perhaps Lady Pompadour? Après moi, le déluge.”
“Sounds too pompous for this day and age.”
“Don’t you know any normal girl names?”

>She looks around and sees the lunar flowers used to create her (because nanomachines and black goo or some bullshit) and decides on “Lilly”.

>She then jokes it’s time to go down the mountain and cast out demons, which sets up a scene that establishes her techno-healing superintelligent modern medicine superpowers.

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Maybe do this later?
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2 Responses to A scene outline

  1. uri says:

    >Establish a techno-future Satanic summoning circle vibe with the Alchemist character and his eight lieutenants.

    But why would you want to summon Satan?

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