Add to Cthulid mythos

Ran into this while dicking around on StoneToss:

Replace the virgin with the collective unconscious octopus lady, e.g. Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell or “The Boss” from MGS3, and the Devil here with Knives/Sephiroth/Griffith from Trigun/FF7/Berserk, and you’ve got yourself the plot in one image. I especially like context of a church/cathedral, that puts a really nice Final Fantasy Tactics spin on it (or FF10).

The only thing I would change about the OP is to change Lucifer’s hand to be reaching out reluctantly, like Adam in the Sistine Chapel, as if he’s deciding whether to pull back and pluck the apple away from her (but still very intent in the face), while the virgin is stretching her hand out eagerly like God in the Sistine Chapel, and grasping at the apple desperately.

Previous references:

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Maybe do this later?
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