Hypothetical eras of female mate choice salience

As David Buss points out, the arranged marriages custom of classical Europeans in 1600 was, in evolutionary terms, very recent and exceptional. This was in a discussion of Menelous Apostolou’s theory that female mate choice is a psychological mismatch from this interview:

I think it would be helpful to break it into intuitive eras:

Pre-history: Male hominid rapes female hominid. Female mate preference minimal, gives rise to deep preference for rape by dark triad strangers with luxuriantly gorilloid physiognomy.

Early history: Males in the tribe protect females from outsiders. Female mate preference very influential, gives rise to medium-deep preference for hypergamy, Alpha tribe chieftains, and the three types of prominent figures in declining civilizations: athletes, musicians, and actors. This would be the period where most of the female social strategies Game talks about developed.

Recent history: Inter-group competition leads to development of patriarchy to control female mate preferences, hence young female mate preference exerting relatively low influence versus the parents and society at large. Broadly speaking, this era would include the development of monogamy, arranged marriage, slut-shaming, workhorse Deltas getting laid, and Alpha affairs being hidden rather than open (i.e. implicitly understood as accepted and only being punished when not at least plausibly deniable). The important distinguishing factor being the expectation that the Alpha will apply Kmac’s “moral effort” to hiding his affairs, rather than being an exhibitionist about them to flex on workhorse Deltas. With requisite punishment if this is violated. This protects the group strength which ultimately depends on Delta buy-in. And Delta buy-in depends on the hope that their wives will stray only a certain amount (comparable to homosexuality being restricted to the closet).

I think this model covers the interests of all three researchers, Dutton (rape fantasies, etc.), Buss (primacy of female choice), and Apostolou (patriarchy, arranged marriage).

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3 Responses to Hypothetical eras of female mate choice salience

  1. LOADED says:

    Aeoli what era would I land my ideal self in according to this analysis? Im K-selected so probably number 2 right?

    Knowing me pretty well from a personal standpoint what implications would that have on me? I obviously live in the modern era so what implications does that have on me there?


    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Your questions don’t really make sense because this post is about women and you’re a man.

      • LOADED says:

        Sorry let me ask the question again: what society of women from these three eras would best serve me to live in and what types of implications would it have on a man living alongside women of these eras?

        Hopefully that makes more sense and can be answered.

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