Foreign media mysteriously reports what the IDF tells them to report

(This was a writeup of the FTN 407 bit at timestamp 1:44:00 for the normies. H/T to Jazznds and James.)

With invasion that wasn’t, IDF suspected of duping foreign press to trick Hamas

During massive overnight bombardment, military spokesman tells media that troops had entered Strip, in move that may have been aimed at luring the enemy into a deadly trap


IDF officials have since acknowledged that misleading the Israeli press in this way was inappropriate and said they would not do so again in the future.

Not the foreign press, you understand, just the Israeli press. Isn’t it kind of funny that they’ve done this multiple times before by their own admission…

This was not the first time in recent years that the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit has been accused of misleading reporters in the hope of duping enemy forces.

…and yet the foreign media still reports everything the IDF tells them as true without verifying it?

The military’s [IDF’s] English-language spokesman, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, insisted that the false announcement had been his own mistake, but an honest one, telling foreign correspondents in a tense conference call early Friday evening that he had misunderstood information coming in “from the field” and had released it without adequately verifying it.

Funny, you couldn’t expect this sort of media mistake to happen in favor of the American military…

Isn’t it funny how these mistakes keep happening in the same way? Man, heads are gonna roll!

Oh wait.

No they aren’t.

Hmm, that sorta suggests the people in charge of this are okay with these mistakes that keep happening in their favor mysteriously. Almost like the foreign media, which we’ve established is nearly all Jewish…

…and 82% of whom, according to their own words, say caring about Israel is “essential” to their identity…

…are all okay with these mistakes they keep making that all seem to help out Israel.

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3 Responses to Foreign media mysteriously reports what the IDF tells them to report

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  2. Heaviside says:

    >Funny, you couldn’t expect this sort of media mistake to happen in favor of the American military…

    You don’t expect it, because that’s what the American military wants you to think.

    “Given this evidence of early Japanese efforts to mobilize society, it seems bizarre to note that many Japanese remained convinced that, culturally speaking, they were incapable of producing propaganda. This strange notion appears in prewar journals as well as postwar interviews. In the May 1942 issue of Propaganda, famed Japanese intellectual Hasegawa Nyozekan mourned Japan’s inability to muster effective propaganda in radio, film, leaflets, and other media… Joseph Newman, a longtime reporter in Tokyo for the New York Herald Tribune, had a unique take on Japan’s preference to down-play its propaganda. In the months just after Pearl Harbor Newman wrote that the “Japanese always complained that they were poor propagandists. In best propaganda style, they complained so persistently that they convinced many foreigners it was true. Japanese like nothing better than to be told they were poor propagandists. It assured them that their propaganda was working.””

    The American military-media complex is no different. If you really believe that the myth that the media is genuinely working against DoD then congratulations, all those journos have successfully fulfilled their patriotic duties whether they realize it or not.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I’m more talking about American military interests as they’re understood, or not understood, by my American conservative audience at the time of writing.

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