Nottuh re: vaccines (part 1)

Hello readers here at Aeoli Pera, this is Nottuh aka Mr. N, and this is the introduction to an upcoming series of guestposts where I will be researching the hot topic of Covid-19 vaccinations. I would first like to thank Aeoli for allowing me the opportunity to guestpost on his blog about this topic and I hope I will be able to provide an overview of the relevant subject matter than is educational to both you and myself.

The chain of events that lead to me posting this series began when I grew increasingly concerned about Covid-19 vaccinations and the conflicting thoughts and feelings I had regarding them. On the one hand, it appeared to me as though there could be dangers in taking vaccines whose safety did not appear to be adequately guaranteed by their manufacturers. On the other hand, it also appeared to me as though there could be possible dangers in not being vaccinated against Covid-19, both to myself and others. Thirdly, it seemed possible that the powers that be would levy great hardships and inconveniences against me, should I choose not to be vaccinated.

Given that I was, and currently remain, a conflicted fence-sitter on this issue, it was very clear to me that I needed to conduct more research before deciding whether to be vaccinated.

I was then granted a perfect opportunity to conduct a research project on Covid-19 vaccinations, when Aeoli heard me voice my concerns and offered me the opportunity to guestpost on his blog about this issue.

Over the subsequent weeks I will be posting about weekly here on Aeoli Pera, with each post exploring a different aspects of this issue in a logical progression that should educate myself and the readers in a sequentially comprehensive manner.

Firstly, I will be researching Covid-19 itself, its nature and epidemiology. Included in this analysis will be information taken from government agencies and other organizations alongside other medical research. Included also will be an investigation into “Covid skepticism”, or the view that Covid-19 is not a sufficiently deadly disease to warrant the societal and governmental strictures many communities have imposed on the public in an attempt to reduce the disease’s spread.

Next, I will be researching the institution of vaccination efforts by governments and other organizations in the effort to fight Covid-19 and I will attempt to determine whether these efforts are warranted or not based on the epidemiological research conducted in the previous guestpost.

Thirdly, I will provide an overview of the different available vaccines and the supposed mechanisms by which they help one’s body fight Covid-19.

Fourthly, I will be writing an overview of the history of the different private companies and other organizations that have produced various available vaccines and will also provide an analysis of various clinical studies that have been conducted on Covid-19 vaccines, both on animals and humans.

My penultimate post in the series will be an examination of the possible dangers and other pros and cons with taking or not taking Covid-19 vaccines, drawing upon the information presented in prior posts and delineating the medical issues that have already arisen from Covid-19 vaccines.

Finally, the last post in this series will be a conclusion and summary of all the previous posts and information gathered therein. I will also give my personal opinion on Covid-19 vaccines at this point, as I will have finished my research and will state whether I intend to receive a vaccine.

I hope that my upcoming series of guestposts will be informative and interesting to those who wish to read them. Please stay tuned for my upcoming posts in the coming weeks.

It should lastly be stated that I currently intend to receive a vaccine based on concerns of being personally inconvenienced if I do not receive one and also my hunch that I will be unlikely to harm the health of myself or others around me should I receive one. However, I will wait until I’ve gathered more information before making a determination.

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9 Responses to Nottuh re: vaccines (part 1)

  1. reg says:

    I suggest you start your investigations with the details of the FOI requests made aroud the world to many govts, asking for the dna breakdown of this new covid-19 virus. The one that caused a few chinks to fall flat on their faces in the street, and then disappeared, leaving tens of people dead in China.

    WHen you draw a total blank, because govts don’t have it, because it doesn’t exist, then you can ponder how you fell for it.

    Then you can ponder the fact that a virus is something produced by your own body to cleanse it, a solvent, which is not even alive. So, it can’t be ‘caught’ or ‘transmitted’, unless you have someone else’s virus injected into your body, as the gays did with HIV.

    Then you might ponder why the govts are pushing an experimeantal mRna shot, and shutting down the global economy when excess deaths last year were ZERO.

    Then you might want to ask why they don’t record flu any more? You might find this useful reading too:

    I think that will be enough to help you realise you were duped, then you can ponder what their agenda is. And obviously, don’t take the poision.

  2. Obadiah says:

    Left tail of curve: “Bible says not to put that crap into my datgum body”

    Middle of curve: “Take every jab until the science says you’re fully vaccinated–or grandma’s head will explode like a los plagas in RE4!”

    Right tail of curve: “Being that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which dwells within me, I’ve little choice but to refrain from introducing this hastily-formulated and poorly understood foreign substance into my person”

  3. Littlebook says:

    IIRC the US vaccines are all blowing up VAERS, especially the mRNA. They’re worse than the disease.

    The Chinese ones sound pretty safe. They had a head start.

    • dee says:

      A few minutes of Googling’s worth: the Chinese and Indian ones are traditional, i.e. they are the actual virus that’s been rendered inactive. Novavax is apparently just the exposed subunit from the famous spike protein, even more straightforward. True for vaccines in general: other crap may accompany the main component to force the immune system to react (aluminium! brain says yum).

      If this whole circus is a test of new tech, there may be a control group, who were given nothing or perhaps a “normal”, reliable vaccine. I would expect it to be one of the above mentioned.

    • Enhanced Poster says:

      >People are becoming the virus at the cellular level. They are the virus and the virus is a transhuman unnatural synthetic evolution.
      >These would be evolved nano particle fiber formed prion children who would be a new genetic race of humans.
      >Look at the blood. There is a genetic reason for this genetic enhancement which is taking place.
      Can’t catch the virus if you’re literally the virus. Vaccine works, skeptics BTFO.

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