Architecture reading of National Museum of African American History

Let’s see, do we want to have fun today or do work?
We haven’t done architecture reading in a while.

don’t have anything prepared for that

Okay, forget work, that’s a fascinating building.
I see a three-layer cake, where each layer is a cross-section of an upside-down pyramid.
The walls of the pyramid slices are meshed.
At the bottom is a standard modernistic glass and steel box.
Also at the top possibly, it’s hard to tell.
It’s aesthetically unimpressive other than being built to be purely intimidating.
The right side looks like a face that’s looming over and looking down at you.
I suspect the three layers are utilitarian more than artistic, because they wanted three floors.
If they had walkways outside where you could look out from those ridges that would be cool, but it doesn’t look like it.
Can’t find any shots that confirm the top is modern glass and steel.
Satellite view suggests it’s got a bunch of solar panels on top.

Anyway, it’s appropriate that the whole thing screams government-funded Hotep Wakanda.
Symbolically…inverted pyramid means inverted hierarchy, mesh means system, modernistic boxes mean modernistic systems.
So we have a modern system over a hierarchically inverted system (three times, maybe to emphasize the point?) on a modern system.
Notable connotations of Egyptian monoliths.

This can actually be read as the postmodern political situation in the West.
You have the modern industrial base supporting its existence, then layers of victim-signalling minorities on that, which supports the top which actually hasn’t evolved beyond scientific management other than using identity politics to consolidate monopoly power.
(The reason the pyramids would be inverted in this reading is that, in this system, weak = strong, i.e.
In retrospect, this building is extremely appropriate for its function as a direct political flex.
I didn’t realize this until just now, but the disk-shaped entrance room could be read as a tiny pretense of universalism.
That would be pretty funny.
1% common humanity followed by 99% ruthless dominance.

I wonder if anyone’s done a historical survey of how types of architecture represent dominant worldviews
Must have..that seems pretty bsaic btich level history

That’s Spengler, as I understand it.

Well that could use an update

Well, we could describe the postmodern vector as an asymptotic downward crushing motion, which flattens everything into interchangeable red paste except the boot stomping on it.
With each iteration, everything gets halfway closer to the ground, like Zeno’s paradox.

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4 Responses to Architecture reading of National Museum of African American History

  1. jsl says:

    Fascinating subject material, thank you. I am sure you could ask half a dozen different people and get half a dozen different opinions on what the building actually means, but inherently I think the answer’s not that interesting, there’s really not that much to see here if you get my drift. Uncle Ted would say, well all Leftists can do is derive, distort, and invert, and mostly it’s true everywhere.

  2. LOADED says:


  3. teo toon says:

    The building represents three stacked post office mail trays.

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