Red pill bio

Surprisingly, I haven’t blogged this yet.

I’m also interested in what you guys remember as being your introduction to and history with the “red pill”

In ROTC I figured it was part of an officer’s job to have some awareness of world events, so I subscribed to a bunch of BBC world news feeds and learned there were a dozen hot wars going on out there that I’d never heard of on TV. From there I went to World Net Daily because my dad always read it, and so I figured it was just another news source. (Also was reading Military Times. I think that was all my news at that time.)

Started reading the editorials of World Net Daily, eventually stopped reading most of them because they were boring. Stuck with Vox Day (who was mostly econ-posting at the time) and Ilana Mercer. Started reading their blogs and discovered the blogosphere such as it was in 2012. They introduced me to John Taylor Gatto, Ludwig von Mises, and the ideas of classical liberalism and the world of modern dissident right-wing politics.

Vox Day linked to Chateau Heartiste once, who was still going by Roissy at the time, so I discovered the manosphere through that. There’s some shame in my mind associated with that period but I’m glad to have gone through it.

Then Koanic posted a comment on a Vox Day post about IQ, so I entered the esoteric world of neanderthal theory for several years. You may have noticed that Vox Day figures prominently in all this. It was very hard to forgive him and let go after the 2017-2021 story arc.

Probably the last big thing was somebody (Glenn IIRC) got me to listen to the Daily Shoah in 2015. I was confused by the anti-Semitic jokes at the time, and only realized later it was a very clever exposure training program. I’ve been more or less peripheral to the wignats ever since, although I still think their religious impulses are seriously immature.

E.g. Just this morning I ran across a letter from a wignat in prison that I had to stop reading because of this part: “Make sure everyone prays at least 5 times a day: one to the warrior—train; one to the farmer—fertility and health…” I figure if the cringe is giving you morbid fantasies about potato peelers it’s time to re-evaluate your information diet. Part of it is just low IQ, and I certainly can’t blame them for hating the modern Christian church, but even controlling for LARP the wignat religion is ultimately just a box-checking exercise for nationalists who heard somewhere religion is an element of racial identity.

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4 Responses to Red pill bio

  1. LOADED says:

    Aeoli your red pill adventures are worthy of being depicted in a movie. Mine would be depicted in a book based on a movie.

  2. Nuclear-Powered Muslamic Ray Guns from a Secret Manufacturing Facility Somewhere in Iran says:

    So, what exactly convinced you not to join the military?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Burnout, leading to poor performance, leading to the belief that I wasn’t good enough to lead anybody. Along with engineering school and ROTC I was also working full-time to support myself and eating white rice with hot sauce packets because I believed Boomer lies about hard work and how the world works.

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