Q-anon followers as Guy Debord’s “first-class spectators”

Someone who is happy to be taken into confidence is hardly likely to criticize it; nor to remark that in all the confidences, the principal part of reality will always be hidden from him. Thanks to the benevolent protection of the cheaters, he knows a few more of the cards, but they can be false; and he never knows the method that directs and explains the game. Thus he immediately identifies himself with the manipulators and scorns the ignorance which in fact he shares. Because the scraps of information offered to the familiars of a lying tyranny are normally infected with lies, manipulated and uncheckable.[40] They are, however, pleased to get these scraps, for they feel themselves superior to those who know nothing. They only know better than the rest so as to better approve of domination and never to actually comprehend it. They constitute the privilege of first-class spectators: those who have the stupidity to believe they can understand something, not by making use of what is hidden from them, but by believing what is revealed to them!

-Guy Debord
Comments on The Society of the Spectacle
Section XXI

H/T to Borzoi’s Hyperpodcastism episode for this quote. But I’m surprised they didn’t make the connection to Q-anon.

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7 Responses to Q-anon followers as Guy Debord’s “first-class spectators”

  1. reg says:

    5th July, live podcast, to celebrate the Trump return. Note the date in your cyborganizer.

    Equal chances for Trump’s return and Littledick attending the podcast.

  2. LOADED says:

    Aeoli is this you:

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