Poplism, or, how to do the treestump life correctly if you insist on doing that despite my moralizing against it

Defooing everyone and everything, supposedly for your mental health, is bad for your mental health. And that’s aside from the moral angle, presuming you have a sense of morality beyond muh dick. But for those of you insist on defooing anyway, I’m going to spend the month of June demonstrating how to do it as best as possible.

I’ve identified three guiding principles that will be reinforced throughout the course of this exercise:

1. Positive engagement. Detaching from familial, social, and political concerns is a negative goal, and just as conservatism failed miserably you’re going to fail miserably if you don’t immerse yourself in some replacement. It has to be aesthetically pleasing and broad enough to still be interesting after 60 years. It’s not something you pursue mastery in so much as you just stop one day because you fell over dead from old age.

2. Hyperlocalism. I named this “Poplism” for two reasons. It’s a cheeky play on populism, and there are a ton of poplar trees within the half mile around me where I do most of my walking. I’m not just saying to immerse yourself in matters local to your city, I’m saying immerse yourself in the history, aesthetics, culture, and natural life of things within a hundred feet of your treestump. If I ask you what sort of plant life is in your area and in what proportions, and you can relay your opinions with enough detail to convince me you know what you’re talking about and think about it often, you’re doing it right.

3. Organic or cultural aestheticism. You may be thinking of taking up, as a replacement for human connection, a hobby like electronics, math, or music. Nuh-uh. First off, the happy treestump life comes from spending a lot of time outside around the treestump. But more importantly, music isn’t going to fill the hole because artificial things aren’t “inherently interesting stimuli”:

This study, it turns out, is one of many that validate attention restoration theory (ART), which claims that spending time in nature can improve your ability to concentrate. This theory, which was first proposed in the 1980s by the University of Michigan psychologists Rachel Kaplan and Stephen Kaplan (the latter of which coauthored the 2008 study discussed here, along with Marc Berman and John Jonides), is based on the concept of attention fatigue. To concentrate requires what ART calls directed attention. This resource is finite: If you exhaust it, you’ll struggle to concentrate. (For our purposes, we can think of this resource as the same thing as Baumeister’s limited willpower reserves we discussed in the introduction to this rule.*) The 2008 study argues that walking on busy city streets requires you to use directed attention, as you must navigate complicated tasks like figuring out when to cross a street to not get run over, or when to maneuver around the slow group of tourists blocking the sidewalk. After just fifty minutes of this focused navigation, the subject’s store of directed attention was low.

Walking through nature, by contrast, exposes you to what lead author Marc Berman calls “inherently fascinating stimuli,” using sunsets as an example. These stimuli “invoke attention modestly, allowing focused-attention mechanisms a chance to replenish.” Put another way, when walking through nature, you’re freed from having to direct your attention, as there are few challenges to navigate (like crowded street crossings), and experience enough interesting stimuli to keep your mind sufficiently occupied to avoid the need to actively aim your attention. This state allows your directed attention resources time to replenish. After fifty minutes of such replenishment, the subjects enjoyed a boost in their concentration.

(You might, of course, argue that perhaps being outside watching a sunset puts people in a good mood, and being in a good mood is what really helps performance on these tasks. But in a sadistic twist, the researchers debunked that hypothesis by repeating the experiment in the harsh Ann Arbor winter. Walking outside in brutal cold conditions didn’t put the subjects in a good mood, but they still ended up doing better on concentration tasks.)

-Cal Newport, “Deep Work”, Reason #2

The sorts of things you want to get deeply immersed in have to be either organic or cultural, and they have to be deeply intertwined with the aesthetics of your local haunt. Examples of this:

Hyperlocal photography/blogging/scrapbooking: Try to get a feel for the aesthetics of the things in your daily life and use all the tricks of artistic expression to try to capture this. If you’re surrounded by clown people and dumpsters overflowing with garbage, find the best possible filter for expressing the feeling of living amidst this as if you had to communicate it in a momentary establishing shot in a movie.
Hyperlocal myth-weaving: If there’s an area in your life that feels more Faerie-like, write a story about it or paint it with sunbeams and little fairies flying around.
Hyperlocal history: Study and document the history of your subdivision or apartment complex.
Hyperlocal anthropology: If you live around a bunch of strangers, study their ways of living like an anthropologist.
Hyperlocal architecture: Don’t just brush off everything as the product of money-grubbing capitalists, try to appreciate things for what they are. A Michigan road with grass growing through the cracks may be a sign of national decay but it’s also beautiful in its own way. Study the buildings around you and consider why they were made the way they were. Are they stylized or purely utilitarian? How could you improve the aesthetic, or improve the one it’s already going for, with very small investments? How long have they been there? What were the logistics of getting the various materials to this location?
Hyperlocal landscaping: This is more of a suburban thing, but it’s basically the same idea where you learn to appreciate nearby things for what they are. What do the things people do with their front yards say about them? What’s their attitude toward nature? Is it something to be ordered, fought, framed, or simply neglected?
Hyperlocal naturalism: I mentioned this before regarding local flora and you probably get the idea by now. But gardening is obviously a good tie-in.

4. Leave a beautiful corpus. The humans of today may not be up to your exacting standards, but there’s always tomorrow. And since you’re the autistically dedicated subject matter expert on everything within a hundred feet, you may as well leave an impression by creating 60 years’ worth of documentation. Accounts like this are more interesting to historians than you probably realize. E.g. Lucien Febvre’s The Problem of Unbelief in the Sixteenth Century (H/T Borzoi’s Hyperpodcastism again).

Ultimately, this will be an exercise in engaging with and existing in the world around you that develops the sense of love, connection, and meaning which would ordinarily come from a healthy relationship with individual humans and humanity as an abstract aggregate.

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  1. Obadiah says:

    Had an interesting dream the other night. It took place in an old building on our family property where my grandparents used to operate a textile business. The building is currently not in use, but still contains a lot of materials and equipment such as big tall rolls of fabrics and cloths, old industrial-grade sewing machines, sergers, sewing thread, tools, The roof of this building is still intact IRL, but in this dream there are a lot of big gaping holes in the ceiling letting sunlight through.

    In the dream a few of my family members were sitting around in the building watching TV on a modern flatscreen telly which was plugged into an old outdated wall outlet. Eventually the plug begins to short-circuit, sparks fly and things start to catch on fire. I grab a fire extinguisher and try to put out the rapidly-building blaze while yelling at my family members. I try really hard to put everything out with my fire extinguisher, but eventually I start to run out of ammo. The big tall rolls of fabric are still on fire, the machines are still on fire, and my extinguisher is empty.

    But then suddenly it starts to rain through the half-open ceiling, where only a minute ago it was sunlight and brightness coming through the big gaps and holes. I stand there with my empty fire extinguisher watching the fire die calmly under the rain while getting drenched myself. The television has also presumably died and/or short-circuited, presumably ripping my family’s attention away.

    What I take this dream to mean is that real/meaningful problems in family and personal life can only really be addressed and fixed by God’s almighty hand (the rain), while my own hand (the fire extinguisher) is intrinsically limited and impotent insofar as these matters are concerned.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That’s how I interpret it too.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I should add that learning that lesson through a real-life experience was what prompted this: https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2018/12/11/a-glimpse-of-terrifying-beauty/

      I don’t believe we should learn fatalism from this, because there’s also a strange phenomenon where this sort of divine redemption only happens after we’ve tried everything and burned ourselves out with strong desire. Maybe because the lesson only really hits home when you’ve truly given it everything you’ve got and when God shows his hand you can see the unimaginable magnitude of difference.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        So “God helps those who help themselves” but not in the way people think that means. More like “God rescues those who irrationally fight to survive to their last breath.”

        • Obadiah says:

          There’s also an element of cleansing/purification in the dream that I didn’t pick up on until I thought about it later: everybody getting drenched (or baptized or made clean) by the rain (God’s hand). This also simultaneously solves the family problems as represented by the fire and ALSO demonstrates the magnitude of difference between me and the Lord’s ability.

  2. Obadiah says:

    Had another interesting dream last night. This one took place in a kind of very modern, clean, upscale super-metro area, like Dubai or downtown Dallas or something. There’s some kind of big event happening, like the Superbowl or something, and there are tons of people everywhere. The day is sunny and bright, there’s throngs of people everywhere partying and merrymaking, all the businesses are bustling. Me and my entourage go to a bar with a red roof with hundreds of people in it, lots of people tailgating out on the big back patio, grilling out, everybody having a good time.

    At the center of this metro area stands an enormously tall, newly-built tower, and everybody at the bar with the red roof is talking about it. You can see this tower from the back patio where we’re partying. It’s a technological miracle of glass and steel, said to be bursting with shops, entertainments, spas, lounges, clubs, etc all the way up to the top. We decide we have to head over to check it out, so we take a sort of high-tech public transit trolley into the center of the metro and arrive at the tower. Outside there’s a big high tech swimming/wave pool with tons of people in it. We get inside the tower and talk to an employee, who starts explaining the elevator system to us-it’s apparently faster, cleaner and more cutting edge than any other elevator in the world. We decide we’re going to take that elevator to the exclusive night-club/bar at the top of the tower to watch the big game–which is about to start.

    The elevator is a high-tech glass and steel compartment mounted to a rail on the exterior of the building, designed to provide a magnificent view for passengers as they ascend the tower. We step in and begin to ascend quickly and smoothly for several stories–but then we start to slow down a bit. Then we slow down some more. And some more, until it’s moving at little more than a crawl, basically stopped. Everyone looks around nervously. Then we hear a terrible noise, see lots of fire and debris falling around us. The elevator car we’re in “breaks off” from the side of the tower and we plummet down towards the pool with all the people in it alongside huge flaming chunks of debris and metal. Everybody in the car is screaming but me–I’m oddly quiet and clear-headed as I understand what just happened: The tower has been deliberately demolished.

    This ends the first “part” of the dream

    • Obadiah says:

      Second part: I’m back in the metro area, somehow not dead because it’s a dream. Maybe I’m a different person but I feel like the same “consciousness” from the first part. This time I’m walking around with my mom instead of a big rowdy posse of friends. I can somehow sense that about a year or so has gone by since the tower was demolished. The metro area is more or less functionally the same in that businesses are still open, infrastructure is functioning fine and whatnot. Otherwise, things are very different: the sky is grey and overcast, things are quiet, and there are police, barriers and checkpoints everywhere you turn. Other people are walking around, but nobody is having much fun. Everybody is wearing toned down formal attire, walking around going about their day quietly and more or less discreetly, hitting a police checkpoint every time they do anything.

      The tower has been rebuilt. Before it was a big bright shiny glass metal building, now it is almost pitch black, with no visible windows, and it is somehow even bigger and taller than before. I can sense that instead of an entertainment business play zone, now it’s a government or political power center.

      Eventually we go to the bar with the red roof from the first part of the dream, but not many people are there. We sit down, and I go to the bathroom and cry my eyes out for several minutes because of what’s happened. We go out on the back patio where everybody was grilling and tailgating before, but now there are just a few quiet government agent looking types smoking cigarettes and sipping their drinks. The day is getting late and darkness is starting to set in. We order some food and drinks. We have a good view of the tower–whose roof and top area start to suddenly light up against the dark twilight sky…


  3. Obadiah says:

    Part 3


    The top of the tower begins to light up, and an enormous serpent emerges. I’m terrified, but it doesn’t even seem to register to my mom at all, as she sits there having her dinner and minding her own business. The gargantuan serpent is joined by another just like it, then another and another in succession. While this is happening, the sky is getting darker in the background, and the stars start to come out. The serpents start to snap at each other as more begin to emerge from the depths of the tower–and I can tell that they hate each other. Though they are snapping and biting at each other, they don’t really deal each other any serious damage, ultimately standing united together at the top of the tower. I’m not sure how many there were in total. Seemed like around ten of them. Probably 12 or 13, for the 13 illuminati bloodlines or whatever. But I didn’t get a solid count.

    So anyway this is happening and I’m horrified and transfixed and I turn to my mom–and she’s just eating her dinner, her head down in her plate. I can’t believe it. I look around the patio and everyone else is gone. I look back toward the tower. The night has completely set in and the sky is bright with stars. The titanic serpents still stand united at the top of the tower, still slithering around snapping at each other. Suddenly in the starry background behind the tower a shooting star begins to slowly descend from the heavens. It’s bright and beautiful, falling slowly towards the earth. I turn back to mom. She’s still eating her dinner, head down, completely carefree to the whole NWO Antichrist business playing out over yonder.

    I distinctly remember saying “this is like an episode of South Park!” those were my exact words because of the tragicomical difference between mine and her mental orientation and viewpoint regarding what was happening in plain sight in front of us. Dream ends.

    • Obadiah says:

      First takeaway from this dream:

      in other words:
      “Surplus producers are by nature extraordinary—only about 20% of the population has positive economic value to the people around them. That means they are the natural aristocrats who are responsible for shepherding the sheep around them, who understand little and know less.”

      Secondly, and probably the bigger takeaway is:

      “God helps those who help themselves” but not in the way people think that means. More like “God rescues those who irrationally fight to survive to their last breath.”

      ^this was the overwhelming emotional feeling I had upon immediately waking from this dream because that’s all I could feel or think at the end part watching Satan/the falling star approach the Earth while everyone else had dinner.

  4. Obadiah says:

    General thoughts on symbolic content in the dream:

    The whole original setting in the first part represents the bright and beautiful technocratic dream of an enlightened and prosperous one world utopian gov; the original tower itself is a ‘beautiful lie’; it is a trap that satan’s minions use to enthrall, then ensnare and destroy the souls of the foolish misguided thrill-seeking party-goers.

    The ‘exclusive night club’ at the top of the tower that my party never reaches represents social status and prestige in the eyes of the world–and turns out to be an empty lie and trap that destroys the people attempting to ascend the social ladder/elevator/tower.

    Me initially ascending in the elevator at the beginning represents my early life trajectory–‘floating lazily to the top of the current world hierarchy’. Me slowing my ascent, falling and crashing down into the pool represents me taking ‘the cleansing redemptive journey through the unconscious’ (the unconscious being always represented by water or bodies of water in dreams)

    Then when I come out of the water (baptism) and the second part of the dream begins, I see the world much more clearly and soberly (contrasts with how prominent drinking/partying was in the first part of the dream). This whole process of going down beneath the water, being transformed, then coming back out a different person is represented by the astrological symbol for Ophiuchus*, that is, the U with a wave going through it. The U is personal trajectory, the wave is the water.

    The tower being demolished is basically ‘shedding its alluring skin’ to reveal the true form, structure, character and nature of the worldly pyramid society ‘in all its monochrome idiocy’. Once you start climbing the worldly tower-of-power, the more powerful and snakelike you keep becoming as you ascend until you get to the top and you’re full blown illerminerty (note the light motif as the serpents appeared at the top of the tower). The people who reached the top and turned into enlightened snake beings never fell off the tower into the pool to cleanse their spirit of their flesh’s edenic serpent blood taint–instead their spirit succumbed the sin nature and embraced it and so now they are a bunch of unclean larry silversteins blowing up towers.

    So the powerful misanthropic serpents in high places with an immersive background of astrology should be obvious. The falling star/antichrist ‘coming out of the zodiac’ as well.

    Basically the overall takeaway from the dream seems to be: “God rescues those who irrationally fight to survive to their last breath” based on the overwhelming feeling at the end of the dream and when I woke up–it was all I felt I really could do at that last part. That and lost normies with redeeming qualities (represented by my mom in the dream) need leadership

    *baptism symbol:

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      What’s most remarkable about this dream is how clear and coherent the symbolism is. You may as well have been writing it consciously. There’s nowhere I’d interpret it differently from you.

      Here are some additional notes:

      -Before the fall, “They were eating and drinking and marrying and being given in marriage”. As I was reading the first part I immediately began to expect a deluge. Interesting twist on that idea.

      -The first tower is clearly (also, in addition to what you’ve said) a representation of American Empire-as-shopping-mall-as-Babel. The second tower is clearly just the Dark Tower of Babel.

      -The wave pool thing was funny, because the idea of the tower’s foundation being a theme park for adult children (i.e. Pleasure Island from Pinocchio) is right on the money.

      -I don’t know how I know this, but I’m confident: The calm you felt as the tower fell was your understanding now of what happened then, as if your future consciousness were transported back in time to displace your past consciousness for a moment to watch something the future you had accepted emotionally and fully explained intellectually.

      -The aesthetic before and after was probably informed by your experience, as a Millennial, of seeing modes of dress change rapidly from a colorful, prosperous, R-selected peacock display to a fearful, drab, K-selected “don’t look at me” style of fashion. I was in a sports store a few years ago and I remarked to a lady there “have you noticed that 95% of the clothes in here are gray”?

      -I think the hatchling leviathans are, on one hand, representating the current political system of ornery, immature elites playing touch football (because the rule is you don’t actually hurt each other- that’s for peasants). On the other hand, it’s representing the potential new political systems playing for position in the new, multipolar world order (e.g. CHYNA).

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        I was tempted to claim something was “the internet” (maybe the bar with the feds) because it’s gone from being an addictive source of entertainment to a place where, when I open my browser to goof off, I can’t think of anywhere I’d actually want to go. But interpreting that into your dream felt like a stretch.

        • Obadiah says:

          What’s most remarkable about this dream is how clear and coherent the symbolism is. You may as well have been writing it consciously.

          It was much more ‘hazy’ while I was actually having it than what my very clear, organized description would imply. More like a loose string of first person “image and feeling sequences” that happened in the exact order I’ve described them.

          My description sounds very clear when I recollect it because:
          -My general knowledge and insight gained from places such as this blergh allow me to accurately understand “the speech of my soul” (as Jung called dreams).
          -Having ‘nurtured my ability to suffer’ such that when I wake up every morning I groggily but quickly recording my dreams rather than rolling over and hitting the alarm and going back to sleep

          Agree re: Tower of Babel.

          Agree completely re: calmness while crashing down in elevator.

          The aesthetic before and after was probably informed by your experience, as a Millennial, of seeing modes of dress change rapidly from a colorful, prosperous, R-selected peacock display to a fearful, drab, K-selected “don’t look at me” style of fashion. I was in a sports store a few years ago and I remarked to a lady there “have you noticed that 95% of the clothes in here are gray”?

          ^After I read this for the first time (at work) I realized that all three male employees at our drug factory were wearing an almost-identical combination of:
          -Black backwards hat
          -Gray shirt
          -Black khaki shorts
          -Black or dark gray tennis shoes with black socks

          Also a noteworthy thing about “Part 2” of the dream where the setting becomes somber and gloomy and sober–I’m no longer with a big group of other drunk retards, but closer to my immediate family members.

          I was tempted to claim something was “the internet” (maybe the bar with the feds)

          ^Yeah the internet is more likely represented by the bar with the red roof than anywhere else in the dream. In part 1 was a fun crazy party (like during the Trump campaign), but in part 2 it’s a gloomy place where scary truths rather than beautiful lies are witnessed, where I cry for the sake of humanity rather than bro out for the sake of narcissism–and which is also heavily infested with feds.

          One more thing about the bar with the red roof that I omitted from the initial description: in Part 2 when me and my mom go there there’s this weird thing going on with the entrance where this red-portico-awning-tunnel-thing that’s the ‘official’ entrance and the way you’re ‘supposed’ to enter the bar. But the problem is that the tunnel is ridiculously tiny, like made for people smaller than midgets, and it doesn’t even take up the doorway. Like you can just step around it in two strides and walk into the bar. There’s also nobody working the door enforcing this retarded protocol either. So I just step around it, trying to get my mom to see reason and why it’s so silly that she’s trying to crawl through this midget tunnel. But she crawls through it anyway like a good sheepie.

          Maybe the tiny red awning portico tunnel is “Web 2.0” or something. So yeah if anything in the dream was the internet it would be the bar with the red roof.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Oh, that one’s fairly obvious to me. It’s the increasing ridiculousness and impossibility of following “the rules” of bourgeois American society. She’s literally trying to jump through a hoop, except, narrow is the way which leadeth unto the American Dream and few there be that squeeze through it.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Extrapolating from that, we can assume the dreary bar is your new livelihood and lifestyle. You’ll have to figure out the former, happier times bar based on that.

            • Obadiah says:

              >”Oh, that one’s fairly obvious to me. It’s the increasing ridiculousness and impossibility of following “the rules” of bourgeois American society. She’s literally trying to jump through a hoop, except, narrow is the way which leadeth unto the American Dream and few there be that squeeze through it.”

              >”Your emotional response is what proves it.”

              ^I think you’re right.

              Another thing that flew over my head when initially interpreting this dream:

              >”The night has completely set in and the sky is bright with stars”

              Basically as the world (sky) gets darker, the stars get brighter in turn. It seems that this contrast represents the emergent Zodiacism religion, which becomes more prominent as the world becomes darker (i.e. more Godless).

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Your emotional response is what proves it. You wanted to tell your mom that nobody believes in the explicit rules anymore, it’s all about the implicit ruleset.

    • tops says:

      Dream is end-times stuff. Revelation 12, serpent/dragon:


      As for your conclusion ‘“God rescues those who irrationally fight to survive to their last breath” , depends what you mean?

      God expects those with faith to die as martyrs in the end times, not to grab their guns and start committing murders. Revelation 6…

      ‘And when the Lamb opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony they had upheld. 10And they cried out in a loud voice, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You avenge our blood and judge those who dwell upon the earth?”

      11Then each of them was given a white robe and told to rest a little while longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers, were killed, just as they had been killed.’

      Revelation 13 below…

      ‘Then the beast was permitted to wage war against the saints and to conquer them’

      ‘He who has an ear, let him hear:

      10“If anyone is destined for captivity,

      into captivity he will go;

      if anyone is to die by the sword,

      by the sword he must be killed.”

      Here is a call for the perseverance and faith of the saints.’

      So, if you are thinking gun battles until your dying breath are required by God, then the dream you had is of the deceiver. Or you just have a desire for blood (I dunno which).

      If you are thinking of dying as a martyr, you maybe had a dream from Jesus.

      ‘And the dragon was enraged at the woman, and went to make war with the rest of her children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.’

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        >Dream is end-times stuff. Revelation 12, serpent/dragon:

        Dream interpretation is an artistic skill and you don’t have it. If you’d like to *develop* it then we can try to figure something out.

  5. Obadiah says:

    “You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart”
    –George Michael (I cry when I read this quote)

    When I say “fight” I mean it in a totally spiritshil sense. I would never actually fight anybody for any reason–its the worst thing you can do.

  6. Obadiah says:


    >The people who reached the top and turned into enlightened snake beings never fell off the tower into the pool to cleanse their spirit of their flesh’s edenic serpent blood taint

    ‘the pool’, as in:
    “pools that reflect reality in strange forms that mesmerize, seeming more real than reality itself.”

    • Obadiah says:


      >you maybe had a dream from Jesus.

      ^I think everybody with a soul is probably getting data to some extent from the spiritual realm or ‘beyond the veil’ or whatever you want to call it in the form of dreams. But you have to develop your knowledge as well as your character to a certain point to make accurate or meaningful sense of the symbolic information.

      • Obadiah says:

        This requirement of morally (that is to say religiously)-correct character to accurately understand dreams seems to come up in the Bible:

        The story with Nebuchadnezzar seems to express this–Nebby has a dream and he can feel that its important and meaningful–but he can’t remember it. His magicians and sorcerers and Dr. Faucis can’t bring it back either. He’s desperate to remember his dream–but it has been made ‘inaccessible’ to him, for interpretations belong to God and not to Dr. Fauci.

        Also Pharaoh is probably the most educated person on the African continent but he still doesn’t know what to make of his dream because his religious beliefs and outlook on life are warped.

        In any case–we will remind the world of the living God, that our dreams may no longer be memes.

        (Finally one more insight about the ‘pool’/wavepool in my earlier dream–the body of water clearly represents the collective unconsciousness/collective superconsciousness. That’s why it was both turbulent and full of people–the people being in the water together represents them being “psychically connected” but in a turbulent, topsy-turvy ‘wavepool’ state because they are living a big dopamine addicted lie and have a lot of repressed desires and needs, as well as mental/emotional pathologies.)

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Dream last night:

          HVAC mechanic friend took me out to a job in hillbilly slum
          He was showing me the job, but also it felt like he was giving me a ride to something and then I was running back?
          Mentioned squid in the area
          Drove by it, he asked if I’d seen it
          It crawled up the road toward us and settled in under the dirt
          It was actually a black octopus with red spots. Feels medium important
          Friend mentioned I fit their prey profile and they used to take out a lot of prisoners
          That makes me think it may be despair or the Shadow or some vice of artists
          I stepped in his claymore-like trigger area out of curiosity, then watched half-amused while he chased me around the parking area
          Friend mentioned “he likes you”
          I replied, “yeah, I check ALL of his boxes”
          He was slow but smart and kept cornering me unexpectedly
          It was getting a little close before I woke up, so I was getting ready to run back past the hillbillies
          Vibes like spider dream except creeping horror. Woke up scared an octopus was going to jump me in my bed, but again, creeping horror rather than straight fear
          This is interesting because the spider dreams have changed tone lately. In the typical dream one would be crawling toward my eyes and face and I’d be frantically trying to get its web off. The first change was a couple months ago, a dream where I got my hand in some web and didn’t panic, and calmly let the spider bite my hand. The bite wasn’t even as bad as taking a needle, and afterward there was a stoic resignation to the fact that it was either poisonous or not, and I would just have to find out. The second change was a couple nights ago when I had a pet cat in the dream. At the end, I encountered some web again and a kitten jumped in and ate the spider.

          • Obadiah says:

            Here’s my very tentative and probably false interpretation, please take with large grain of salt:

            Not sure the significance of the HVAC or the hillbilly slum. Maybe ‘going to work among those who know little and understand less’.

            >That makes me think it may be despair or the Shadow or some vice of artists

            This seems to tentatively be the case because his coloration is both dark and ‘toxic’ (sinful/anti-life/poisonous), his form is elusive and difficult to grasp, and most importantly the fact that he’s always one step ahead of you. This suggests that he ‘knows all your moves’ because he is a part of you.

            It reminds me of the part where Link fights his Shadow in Ocarina of Time. The conventional tactics you’ve used the whole game up until that point don’t work at all; the whole fight is very counter-intuitive. The Shadow “knows all your moves”. You check *ALL* of his boxes.

            >”They used to take out a lot of prisoners”

            ^This sounds important. Maybe it means many of the prisoners of the global slave plantation we call the Earth succumbed to the shadow part of themselves.

            The spider dreams and their recurring, ongoing, evolving and progressing nature are very interesting. The spiders seem like problems and factors in general that you can’t control that are occurring in the dopamine addicted extraverted environment, though I can’t say anything very certainly because I don’t know about the dreams, your personal nuanced details etc.

            The kitten and cat jumping in to help may be Jesus or “The Lion of Judah”.

            Again this whole interpretation comes with a massive grain of salt because it’s your dream and not mine, I don’t know all your deets, etc

          • Boneflour of the Multicolored Ice Cream Cone says:

            Standard caveats, I don’t know where I am right now, 0 dream related certifications,. Etc

            Hillbilly friend=suboptimal life progression? Don’t want to live in fishtown. “Just get a job in the trades!”

            You are being driven there. You have decided to run back.

            Prisoners is an important word. Black and red is a toxic coloring, like spiders.

            Driven there, running back, BUT stop to play with black pill/oblivion/psychic disaster/abyss that stares back at you in a parking lot.

            Running back before the octopus catches up = retracing steps to dodge some bad futures?

            Re: kittens, I thought of what they could mean, new life, weakness, hope. Also looked em up and google said Innocence, tranformation, and minor problems/irritations in life.

            So maybe a new life change is giving you hope to avoid a sticky situation that had you feeling trapped.

            Hopefully I’m doing this wrong.

  7. Obadiah says:

    Dream from a few days ago:

    This dream takes place in what looks to be from the outside a kind of normal, rectangular, one-story generic brick American house. But then you get inside and even though everything is functioning (such as the electricity), it’s been “stripped down” to where there’s no decorations, no carpets, or anything pretty or homey. The ceiling, walls, and floors are all gray, concrete, drywall and “bare bones” looking overall. In a corner of the main room is a four-post bed; to the left of the bed up against the wall is a long couch, and to the left of that a few recliners.

    There are people in this house. Two males and about six or seven girls. One male is a young adult and one’s an early teenager. The young adult looks like Josh Brolin’s character Brand from the Goonies, while the younger kid looks like Bran Stark from Game of Thrones. I assume they’re brothers though I don’t really know, though I suppose the similarity of the ‘names’ of the fictional characters they resemble may mean something (Brand and Bran). The 6 or 7 girls all look almost exactly the same. They are all medium height, medium build, are attractive, and have blonde hair going down almost to the small of their back.

    The girls all start to strip naked in unison. Brand and bran are sitting down in the two recliners to the left of the couch. The naked girls start to seduce them and touch them and dance on them. Brand starts putting his fingers inside one girl and kissing her on the neck while she dances on him. All of the sudden and as if by command the girls all get up in unison and leave, leaving Brand looking frustrated and bewildered. After this the scene “fades out”.

    The scene “fades back in” and strange music begins to play. It’s got kind of a techno feel and texture to it, but it is slightly ‘wrong’ or ‘off’ on the pacing and the melody (the time signature sounds ‘staggered’ and ‘wrong’ somehow but is still steady). It doesn’t “sound bad” so much as it is “uncomfortable to listen to”. Other than that I don’t remember many other details about the music.

    I’m looking at the four-post bed in the corner and about three of the girls are “trapped” on it. They’re still naked. They’re looking me straight in the eye yelling and looking outraged, like throwing their arms up, yelling at me outraged and frantic. Though they’re yelling and talking, I can’t hear them at all–all I can hear is the music.

    My view begins to “slide on rails” leftward to the couch, where the other 3-4 girls are “chained” to the wall (no visible chains, their hands are just being held up together above their heads pinned to the wall). They look like they’re trying to twerk or dance or something but they don’t look like they’re enjoying themselves (they are “pinned” there after all) and they also seem to have a hard time acclimating to the music’s strange rhythm. Then my view reaches the recliners where Bran (younger kid) is sitting, perfectly stiff and still. His mouth–as well as his eyes–looks like the Noah character from The Ring upon his death. They’re just black dead open pits. The dream ends before my view can reach Brand fully but I can see his legs and arms and they’re also very stiff.

    -The weird music seems to represent degenerate cultural influence.
    -For women and girls, this degenerate cultural influence is a ticket to misery and slavery. Whereas for men and boys, it is simply violently destructive.
    -Girls have a ‘herd mentality’ (they all look like identical twins in the dream) and are more directly sensitive and susceptible to nefarious cultural influence
    -Boys may be less susceptible to degenerate influence–but they themselves are susceptible to women.
    -Degenerate cultural influence also “strips down” the richness and fullness of personal life, as represented by the grey, drab, carpetless featureless interior of ‘the average-looking American house’ where the dream was.

  8. Big says:

    Tex’s linkedin is dead. For preservation’s sake, here’s the posts I have saved from it:

    • Obadiah says:

      >Nimrod gave his people mushrooms and told them the forest outside his kingdom was filled with deadly wild boars so they would remain in the city to work on his Tower of Babel, the first big globalist project.

      ^Highly based and redpilled take. It’s not that there aren’t any boars in the forest or that boars in the woods “aren’t real”, they’re just not really a legitimate reason for a kingdom-wide lockdown.

      “Keep your magic headcloth on and the boars won’t see you when you walk through the forest!”
      *Walks through the forest*
      “See? The boars didn’t kill you because you had your magic headcloth on!”

      Overall lesson of Ham/Nimrod/Nebby/Roffschild cursed bloodline: “Don’t sodomize your dad in the tent after he has a few too many”

      Simple as.

      • Obadiah says:

        I bet they had to wear two headcloths to combat the Trilateral-variant boars.

        • Obadiah says:

          What’s the deal with the book of Jasher? We see it referenced in the books of Joshua and Samuel: https://christianforumsite.com/threads/who-killed-nimrod.45663/

          The book of Jasher that contains the story of Esau killing Nimrod, details about Nimrod’s early Babylon kingdom etc is a allegedly a forgery and a fraud–being dubbed “pseudo-Jasher” by mainstream scholarship–but there’s obviously a lot of content in it that definitely “rings true” in a “no new thing under the sun” sort of way.

          Nimrod using tricknology to convince everyone that BOARVID-19 is coming to kill them unless they stay in the city and become more enthusiastic about tower-worship is pretty believable. The way Nimrod is described as operating the early Babel state in a functional and structural sense also seems similar to and consistent with the way Nebuchadnezzar runs the kingdom in the later “canonical” Bible books (i.e. relying heavily on bureaucrats, professional magicians, star-gazers, etc).

          Click to access Book%20of%20Jasher.pdf

          ^”If this be a forgery it is a marvelous one.”

          • tops says:

            Jasher, Enoch, Jubilees, 2 Esdras, Bel and the Dragon, all these books and the rest of the apocrypha were hidden for these times, so much truth in them.

    • aiaslives says:

      This is almost nothing, isn’t really an archive. It’s also in HTML.

      Pretty SUS behavior, posting a google drive link. Making a list of who visits this blog?

      I know there have been other comments by “Big”, but I don’t recognize your profile picture.

      Non-jewgle link, text-only: https://0x0.st/-p1d.html

      • Obadiah says:

        Yeah I doubt that drive link is telling the whole story of Tex’s LinkedIn output.

      • Big says:

        Here’s some COVID ones I forgot:

        [9:46 AM] new chiraq civilian: They are really selling that vaccine early to any place that black people can be found. I hate to think of what the vaccine may do exactly or how it is keyed/activated to kill the people foolish enough to have taken it. It is clear to me that black and brown people are rostered to die very early in this nightmarish script they are working off. Everywhere you look they are telling black people what a privilege it is to get this needle first.

        I think they intend to empty out Africa altogether so it can be used as a big game reserve with no more poaching by people. This is the reason they first drove out the whites and are now surgically removing the black Africans as well. They want to watch nature documentaries without any Africans ruining the view and enjoy knowing that the animals are no longer threatened by any human presence.

        As I have said, the black people are the low hanging fruit. They are easily bought off, easy to bribe, easy to deceive, easy to exterminate. They are scheduled to be wiped out in big swaths before they get around to the whites.

        [9:44 AM] new chiraq civilian: Wow! What a coincidence that the guy who invented that test died just before the pandemic was launched and right after Bill Gates had his big pandemic conference. Now he’s not alive to point out that test doesn’t even work to detect coronavirus the way they claim to be using it. So they can just make up anything and who can tell us different? https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/kary-mullis–inventor-of-the-pcr-technique–dies-66256

        [9:31 AM] new chiraq civilian: Just like Britain and Australia, the United States will deploy ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY to help “administer” the vaccines in various “FEMA Vaccination Centers”. (Yep, you know all those camps that the patriot survivalists were sneaking photographs out of in the 1990’s? Those camps that only paranoid nuts thought were for this exact use.)

        You are welcome to refuse the vaccine while surrounded by soldiers with their weapons out aimed at your head or your family members.

        Already similar to Germany and Britain we discover that people who REFUSE the vaccine will be sent to “quarantine” camps … as opposed to “concentration camps.” Remember the difference – these are quarantine camps and you can leave any time you want to as long as you take the vaccine first.

        Good ole Kurt Saxon, the lunatic survivalist who predicted all this in 1975 after he claimed to have received documents stolen from the “New World Order” (Nobody knew what that was in those days) detailing these plans. What a nut.

        I put a random email in, but my name never changes. Feel free to LARP as me if you feel up to that. Drive doesn’t tell me anything about who DLs.

        • aiaslives says:

          > Drive doesn’t tell me anything about who DLs.

          Maybe. I’m worried about someone actually getting their gmail account linked.

          I only post under my own name.

          If you really want the troo cleve archive (like 90% complete, including sources you didn’t know about), you should join the server. Feel free to message me on every gamer’s fav chat platform: p r ignore e f c hash 0481

  9. aiaslives says:

    Dream I had:

    I was surfing the internet and I woke up in the dream, and then saved everything I saw and read in my dream in a file. Then I woke up IRL and couldn’t find the file :(

    Sadly, all my dreams are incredibly generic because I’m a very boring person

    In other news, salo-forum is dead RIP in peace in peace

  10. Pingback: Update on weird octopus dream | Aeoli Pera

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