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RIP Kentaro Miura

Visual art and philosophical commentaries aside (e.g. Umberto Eco in the Conviction arc), the archetypes set forth in the characters of Guts and Griffith alone would establish Miura among the greats. Woo thought for today: behelit can be approximately described … Continue reading

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Melon magic = Behelit as Spectacle?

H/T Ken: When reading these passages, I cannot help but think: how could the Mexica be reconciled to their social and natural worlds with such an arbitrary, even malignant conception of divine and political authority? How is a ruler or … Continue reading

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Melonhead and neanderthal, chess edition

This book is a good introduction to the inner monologue of melonheads in general, but this passage in particular jumped out at me: Mark Dvoretsky and Yuri Razuvaev are the pillars of the Russian school of chess. Considered by many … Continue reading

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Infotainment triggers

This is a great bit of advice I give people a lot that needs to be written down. There are days I don’t feel like following my training plan. You may find it hard to believe, but I, too, am … Continue reading

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Where GUToW fits in the “Why, How, What” picture

Life can be thought of as a path-finding problem where you start with a limited number of moves and a lot of uncertainty about the map: The “What” part is the things you crave (i.e. the things you don’t have … Continue reading

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Two more anecdotes on the superbureaucrat’s ridiculous delusions of where genius comes from

Generally speaking, bureaucrats think creativity comes from rubbing two diplomas from different fields together until they burst into a beautiful Promethean fire of grant money and prestigious innovations. More detailed descriptions of this here and here. The first anecdote is … Continue reading

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Add Starbound to ISTP master race aesthetic palette (bonus INTJ fantasizing below)

Ref: Common elements with Bastion: Gathering, hoarding, building, great soundtrack, pleasurable sensory overload, fantasy setting, outdoorsy settings. Not common with Bastion: good combat. I don’t want to experiment with a million viable styles of kung fu, I want to … Continue reading

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Various dithering re: Operation Headache

I started the bibliography of Operation Headache off with Cal Newport. It had struck me yesterday that writing a nonfiction book is actually just drawing out a few insights in between a bunch of related book summaries. So what I … Continue reading

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Deep Work and heart rate training analogy re: Operation Headache

This study by Adam Grant may prove particularly enlightening: Soon after meeting Grant, my own academic career on my mind, I couldn’t help but ask him about his productivity. Fortunately for me, he was happy to share his thoughts on … Continue reading

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Alternative theory: The dark triad makes you a worse leader, all else being equal (but a great figurehead for puppetmasters)

I’ve been flirting with this idea since I tried to foster dark triad traits in myself back in the day, believing the orthodox social science line on the subject at the time. Anecdotally at least, it doesn’t work. Maybe I … Continue reading

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