Owl’s analysis of Hellsing Ultimate re: what it means to be human

The whole idea of Hellsing Ultimate is that the essence of man lies in his capacity to choose, and the highest form of man is that which chooses to pursue a higher goal for the sake of something beyond himself
Initially, I read it as an examination of Giovanni Pico’s idea that man is higher than the angels because man can choose and the angels cannot, but the show neither agrees nor disagrees with this posiiton because it is irrelevant to the central point about choice defining man

First there’s the will to survive.
Then there’s the will to lose your life to save it.
Or I suppose understanding.
Acceptance may be the best word.
You know, it just sorta figures that an owl melon would overcome his anti-autism aversion to analyzing anime if it’s Hellsing.

Hellsing is great

You might try the original.

I suppose I should at some point

It’s a bit understated in comparison, but IMO tighter.
An elegant anime for a more…civilized time.

Anyway, Alucard chooses to give up his humanity to become a vampire, and lives as a demonic force for a time, but he ends up the magical slave of the hellsing family
stripped of ability to choose he is the most demonstrably non-human thing in the show
Dog analogy because a dog just obeys orders, it cannot say no or choose for itself

Okay, you’ve got a good case going.

Key point here is that the monster was defeated by a group of humans who came together in a higher cause (hellsing and his band)
The millennium vampires he tears through cannot beat him because they are still viewed by the show as humans, just ones who chose greed and power
(and were made through scientific research that changed their bodies, not fundamentally transformed the way alucard was)

So the hierarchy is heroes > psychopaths > psychopathic wannabes.
Or humans > forces of nature > the damned.
Humans > forces of nature > atheists? Because they’re humans who want to be mere forces of nature?

The show emphasizes the uniqueness of humanity when anderson and alucard are having their final battle and alucard begs anderson not to transform himself with the nail of helena, because “human devoted to highest cause” is preferable to “one of god’s monsters”
the irony being that Anderson is able to keep his humanity in death because it was his choice, a choice made from the highest devotion
still, telling that anderson as god’s monster is unable to defeat alucard, whereas hellsing and the others originally were

This is a damn good analysis.
When did you grow an occipital?
hashtag dualbacksupremacy

And in the end, when alucard returns from “the dead”, he chooses to return to the others, and this choice, the choice to serve, is what signifies the return of his missing humanity

Literally none of this is in the original, so I definitely have to watch through to the end now.


I think it’s like Fullmetal Alchemist where the original series had much better aesthetics but the remake had a much better plot.
And about 150 extra characters for me to not give a shit about.

Anime seems to have more affinity for “tinkering” with things

Japan confirmed for neanderthal holdout civilization.
(Except in Japan they have prosocial personalities and live and work together in large groups well.)

other points
Seras’s refusal to drink blood is literally, symbolically, and spiritually clinging to her humanity (this is not subtle)
Anderson is Alucard’s foil, not the major, because he represents what alucard has lost and wants to regain
The major is interesting because he turns down the offer to become a vampire, but he is still revealed as non-human (a weird cyborg thing)
And he has no higher goal, he just gets a thrill from war
Basically a commentary that technology cannot purge man of his worst desire

Would it even be possible for him to become a vampire in the logic of the show?

No, doesn’t fit with the message

Oh, I gotcha.

he has to be a human, but a warped human

The Singularity Apocalypse is a lie.

the bit about the major choosing not to be a vampire when he had the chance adds an interesting element to this
you can see my thinking hasn’t been fully hammered out on this yet

Well, consider that the major is the literal personification of technology, and technological development literally thrives on war.
This could have been a Zero HP Lovecraft subplot in The Gig Economy where the technology meme creates warfare simply to thrive.

technology as inseparable from man is  amotif i hadn’t considered but makes sense
technology cannot fix man because it is man
it can only amplify him

Right, that was one of my first thoughts about his character. He can’t be an angel because he’s a socket wrench.
And apparently the original man wanted to become a socket wrench for some reason.
Was it loyalty to the fuhrer? Or was he a fixated tech junkie?

He just really liked war
for war’s sake

Maybe he’s the archetypal owl melon.
And, like all owl melons, wished to turn himself into the perfect instrument of war.
Colonel Kurtz except anime.
So very literal human instrumentality.

This is what i’m wrestling with…he has a higher goal and cause, but the show deems him the villain
two possibilites:

1. war as expression of power, ego, self…etc Not higher calling
2. Made the choice to pursue evil, which is human, but warped human
Since only humans are capable of both evil and good, is human because made  a choice between the two
I favor 1 but these aren’t mutually exclusive

Speaking as a Christian, any higher calling which is not a person (i.e. God is a person, as is your neighbor, Jesus’ 1st and 2nd commandments) is ultimately a perversion.
“’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”
These are the two licit higher callings, where anything else (ideology, glory, etc.) ends in inhumanity.
You can’t love an abstraction.
This is basically the story of Frankenstein.
When you pursue inhuman things to perfection, you defoo all connection with humans, God, etc.
Related to earlier discussion [re: normie supremacy], one must pursue excellence in relationships.

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    You cannot have a relationship with everyone and if you try you will feel miserable. just ask me.

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