“Anger is hard-coded brinksmanship” and related meanderings

Anger is an implied threat that you’re overwhelmed and unreasonable and “boutta pop off”. So when someone weaker than you is throwing a fit, the key is to recognize when this is 1) a negotiation tactic, 2) a genuine signal that they’re feeling unstable, or 3) actually a rational warning (from effectively a peer, in this case). Simply being “overwhelmed” isn’t a useful signal because most people are overwhelmed most of the time and release this continually in predatory aggression toward the weaker people in their lives. (E.g. Bullying, stress-induced predatory violence.)

(I’m referring heavily to http://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/violencetypes.htm)

Catastrophic violence is territorial in nature, and only available to inferiors when they’ve given up on group membership entirely. At this point, they’ve decided to try carving out a niche outside of everything they know rather than stick around in what they perceive as an even worse situation. “I’ll take my chances in the wilderness/desert.” BLAM BLAM.

This led me to understand that group membership is processed in the mind as a territorial phenomenon. When someone is inferior to you, you perceive them as being literally your property, and vice versa. Behavior-correcting violence is a cline, whereas territorial violence is all or nothing. When you’re spanking someone, it’s a negotiation. Same with the weaker party throwing a fit. Most negotiations of this sort are haggling over rewards and punishments (with status/respect as a proxy), where the superior’s bargaining position is reward/punishment/banishment and the inferior’s bargaining position is service/geniality/desertion.

The Alpha pays for service from valuable Betas with access to society and can punish directly. The Beta pays for access to economic exchange by paying in more than they cost and punishes the Alpha with attitude problems. Both can sever the Beta’s link with society if they aren’t satisfied. So high-status people act as middlemen for low-status people to access the market. But they also benefit from having more people in their network. Especially valuable people. And the reason why high status and power are generally found together is power is necessary to keep the market stable. When there’s a king, people know what the rules are.

One of the reasons globalism is so pernicious is it doesn’t admit the moral legitimacy of anything else. We are all its property. And if you disagree, there’s nowhere you can be banished to except nonexistence, because if you were elsewhere then you would still belong to globalism. It’s a claim to absolute status.

-Group inclusion/exclusion is territorial.
-Status is a price mechanism BASED on group inclusion/exclusion. And one that does a highly effective job of rewarding its most devoted adherents

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6 Responses to “Anger is hard-coded brinksmanship” and related meanderings

  1. Name (required) says:

    I’ve only read about this kind of behavior in rats, and in them catastrophic violence only happens in territorial disputes between males in a familiar environment and males who they do not know entering their environment. They will either fight to the death, or more like continually harass each other until either one takes on the role of the beta (this has no consequence for who would pass on their genes as female rats mate indiscriminately with any male) or one decides to go to a different territory, or just dies due to one reason or another. The male rat has a genetic interest in eliminating all other male rats, but this only happens in the specific case of unfamiliar male entering their territories rather than all males inside of a territory.
    In humans since women are more selective there would be a greater conflict between those who want stability and niche-carvers, so all intratribal conflict would be for reasons of gaining status, because women are insatiable. Asians are gay (stable) for this reason, and niggers gay because they’re black (it’s in the flag).
    Niche carving would be a domain melons and thals should excel at.

  2. mobiuswolf says:

    Fuck that shit. Be the wolf. Catastrophic violence happens when you try to play sheep games with the wolf. “Signalling” violence has strict limits.

  3. mobiuswolf says:

    I was under the impression hiQs were mostly sigma. Is that incorrect?

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