Sam Hyde is a genius

You wouldn’t think this is what a 160-170 IQ looks like but I’ve known too many of them now to think they’d match the TV stereotype. The personality is like an eccentric parody of normal that’s built up from years of trying to be normal, giving up, and making a joke out of it. Where most people order clothes from China, he wears shirts that say HONG KONG in big Chinese letters.

If he were in Singapore he’d probably wear a suit with “Respectable Businessman” spray-painted on the front.

The dark triad character he plays works because it’s insincere and self-aware, where he’s mocking modern people by going further with it than they would, like a clownish caricature. He’s actually not a nihilist at all, he’s extremely idealistic and probably the hardest worker in American media. The Joker is just the character he plays for the ongoing reality TV show. Not that the whole personality is an act (acting 180 degrees opposite your nature is hard to maintain for long), but he’s exaggerating the nihilistic impulses for effect.

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9 Responses to Sam Hyde is a genius

  1. Miu Ayano says:

    His giant dome makes this argument reasonable.

  2. dexter1728 says:

    How have you met so many people in this range?

  3. aiaslives says:

    He’s like 3-4SD and redpilled.
    Trotsky found a time machine.
    Also, that video is the most direct. Probably his second-best video, after the TEDx video. I find his one-topic videos to be far too repetitive.

    He also comes across well because he’s a comedian that’s actually funny. Wouldn’t jesters present a qualitatively different IQ communication gap?

  4. Sam Hyde is my spirit animal says:

    Cuz he’s such a nasty, PHYSICAL BEAST that Adolf Hitler had NO CHOICE but to put him in charge of an ENTIRE PLATOON of Panzers!

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