Need a term for something

What’s it called when you replace access to something important with the fraudulent appearance of access to it, for the specific malicious purpose of denying people you hate access to that thing? Examples: tech support call centers, kayfabe politics, industrialized education. It’s the weaponized form of the observation that bad X drives out good X (bad business drives out good, etc.).

I’d prefer if it’s an existing term, not a neologism. I considered “malicious double-bind”, but it’s not necessarily a double-bind even if the situation it puts people in (e.g. go without water or buy the appearance of water) is almost always a double-bind.

[Update: Decoy!]

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11 Responses to Need a term for something

  1. LOADED says:

    hate envy or anything sadistic would be good analogous pursuits in those terms

  2. Big says:


  3. Boneflour says:


  4. Odious says:

    Barmecide feast

  5. furuious says:

    WordPress. It’s almost impossible to posts comments here, it takes dozens of attempts.

  6. Aeoli Pera says:

    I thought of another good example.

    At my previous job, the purpose of the bonus system was to deny requests for raises. There were just under 700 salespeople working in the US division of this company, but if you asked which one was making the most money they wouldn’t have been able to answer you because, controlling for age, everyone was making the same amount of money. They were always trying to cut labor costs by firing older employees and hiring younger ones for half the base income. The only way to make more money was to be in management…where you either had to literally suck the dick of the founder’s son, or be a direct relation of the ex-secretary who did (and everybody knew it, nobody goes directly from secretary to CEO).

    Anyway, if you ever asked for a raise, they would tell you to make more money by “selling more” and refer you to re-read the bonus policy, which didn’t exist in written form because it was constantly “under revision”. And somehow not one person ever made a five-digit bonus, and most wouldn’t get bonuses two years in a row. I give all this detail not to complain, but just to point out that I’m diagnosing the problem correctly and not belly-aching (it’s not as if I still have skin in the game there). It was a dysfunctional company being run like the Soviet Union, right down to the informant network and sudden disappearances (except they were just being fired, not killed).

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  8. tom tomorrow says:

    Potemkin Trap

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