Ken convo re: starchildren, etc.


Good day sir.

it’s been a while
Reading latest owl convo
Gen Z hypernormalization toughness smacks of Kafka

Not that I’ve read Kafka.


But I did reference him in an astute Final Fantasy anime analysis.

They canonically expect absurdism in their environment
They’re build to weaponize it as potentiating value weaving
Hence his novels

SCs minmax for harsh, chaotic environments?

middle ground
Environment is tough but not thal tough
So some cooperation is required
but enough leeway for some social machination

Well, let’s consider the pyramid:


SC > MM > Sapes
In broad strokes, anyway.
The melonhead requires a pre-existing society of sapes for his niche.
Similarly, the SC requires a melon aristocracy for his niche.


They would otherwise both live in primitive conditions.

Not essential

I can’t imagine an SC in the wilderness.

Sap absence is not seen in this world
No, amidst themselves
Card’s work is all that
Very useful

You think?

Certain ones
The prequels to Ender’s Game

Sodesu ka.

Characterized by almost thal tier hyperspecialization
Speciated by family, literally
Oral culture
Someone’s in charge but they’re just first among equals

Emergent leadership via meritocracy is assumed in Battle School.

Ender’s Game is actually less sc
Only so in terms of empathy and trans-spatial telepathy

Well, I don’t recall anything from the prequels.
I do remember the short story about his family though.

The structure of the mining family ship

The autistic courtship especially.
“I brought you food, now we mate.”
“Yes, this is the way.”

Starchildren don’t play games with each other
At least not like melons

Performative indirectness, over a hard core of directness?

Nice perk of unmatched pattern recognition
THeir melon shenanigans seem instinctual
They’re not being disingenous
THey just detect it and start fucking with them

I can imagine the directness bit.

It’s like they’re un-distorting a segment of the song

In that case, the indirection feels like the sort I do when playing with my nephew and nieces.
You buy into their reality as a joke and so you can play with them.

>Holds up stick
“This is a sword”

Sure, okay. Let’s play swords then.

That’s what crinklesock enables
Evaluation of internal consistency after posing initial generative constraints
No reference to greater/objective forms
That’s why they’re so playful

But when it comes down to actual social conflict, when kids try to deceive you for advantage it’s super obvious.
So you “collapse their wavefunction” by calling them on it.
Me: It’s time for dinner.
Them: We’re eating these mud pies, see?
Me: Well, bring them to the dinner table.


So melonheads are confirmed for women because powertalk is just shit-testing.

Modulo iq

And “collapsing the wavefunction” is just passing shit tests.
So what enables this extraordinary difference in social skill?
It’s not fluid IQ, because no one’s that smart.

Multithreading is aoe damage
Wavefunction collapse is stealth into burst damage

It may be crystallized IQ, because of the memory processing power.

Melons win in crowds, starkids take 1 on 1s and small group fights

Well, a big part of that is the communication gap.

You’re asking why sapes have low iq?

In a crowd, you win by being tall and loud.
I think the answer is emotional intelligence savantism, a sort of obsession to seek the philosopher’s stone of human emotions through experience and constantly revisiting these memories in the mind.
But this doesn’t work on lower IQ people because a big part of charisma is actually just being insensitive and not understanding.


Especially with more feminine people.

And yet starkids clean up with women
Even nonsexually

When a person is more feminine they respond well to rudeness.
When a person is more masculine, they respond well to agreeableness.

The starkid is beta as hell and the woman still treats him as alpha

Well, women also like social intelligence.
The more k-selected women like it more than being treated like shit, because they’re less sociosexual.
R-selected women like social intelligence some, but they like being treated like shit more because they’re more instinctive and prefer raw sexual stimulation with no foreplay.
But social intelligence is an excellent proxy for the ability to acquire wealth.
Not to mention social capital, which is better than wealth in a crisis.
I mean, look at me.
My income tracks much more strongly with my social intelligence than with my IQ, conscientiousness, credentials, socioeconomic class, religiosity, whatever.


My dad is a good example of the simple charisma of idiocy. He has no Game at all (his advice to me, growing up, was that pulling out a girl’s chair for her would “really knock her socks off”).

That is hilarious
Maybe if you pull it out so she falls over as she’s sitting down

But he does well with my mom because he has that lack of self-awareness of Boomers that comes off as audacity.

Yeah my Dad has that in spades

I feel we’re getting afield.
As you know, tangents are strictly forbidden in these conversations.

That reminds me of something else entirely

What’s funny is that’s both ironic and unironic.

I had a dream wherein I was refusing surgery involving a symmetrical slice along the entirety of Koanic’s mohawk
I interpret this as meaning that artifical induction of bicamerialistic duality is improper

So you aren’t getting a lobotomy of the corpus callosum?
What a cuck.
It says a lot about you that you had that dream.


Oh, I just mean the fact that this stuff is so deeply embedded in your psyche now that it can be a symbolic representation of something else in your dream language.

I don’t think that even needed to invoke Edenism
I used the Mohawk as a visual aid for conveying the sense I had

My first thought is that your dream was representing an emotional rejection of “retvrn to monke” naive traditionalism.

A warning against crude attempts at implementing it
Despite desiring to

That your brain was reaching for a first-order symbol and found Koanic’s mohawk indicates you’ve internalized the model at the same depth as things like “monster” or “Mom”.

Not sure
You may have occ/par in tandem to that degree but I doubt I do

Oh? You think this is like one of those dreams where I did math?

Not familiar

There were only two, and it was just before waking up.
In one I was talking to the Daily Shoah guys and multiplied three fractions together to get, IIRC, 3/8.
In another I was literally just looking at a physics equation on something like the internal whiteboard in your mind. I noticed a “dM/dt” term and realized I could pull the mass term out in front to get m dSomething/dt. This operation had come up in intermediate mechanics class recently.
I can’t remember the relation between M and m anymore, unfortunately.

Implying gravity
By means of chocolate


Which gets us to my Mathis-surpassing physics idea
I may have run preliminaries of this by you previously, but you’ll have forgotten

This guy gets me.

So I can confidently deploy this with suitable aplomb
It’s not directly applicable of this, but it’s something like: for every dimension of space, there’s a sort of lensing distortion. Their overlap (especially in 3d) leads to what we perceive as time

There’s one issue with this theory.
I don’t know German.
Beyond that, I don’t see any problems so far.

It’s a link, not an image

…I was just testing you.


Oh man, this sounds very interesting.
If only my math was good enough to understand it.


Still, it’s in reach.
This is just Calc 3.
But hard calc 3, the real analysis kind the smart kids take.

I think occ dislikes time and is trying to rationalize it as a field of sorts.
Something that can be relegated to spacelike.
Which is funny, because I recall trying to come up with a way of perception that negated space

I don’t think you’re right about occ, without time there’s no motion.

Let me refer you to your prior work
People with heavy fauxcippital style thinking love metaphysical-style static analysis, where nothing moves and everything is well-ordered and just so. If you enjoy geometry or biology, you probably have some fauxcippital.
Things move more as you go more rostral
I.e. they move less as you go caudal
The vectors get more symmetrical as you go more rostral

Now hang on, that’s a very quick generalization.


Frontal is less concerned with symmetry than backcone, and occ isn’t concerned with it at all.

I’m speaking somewhat abstractly
In terms of descriptions of the object cognition

It’s all encompassing for faux.

Parietal is vectorization
Backswept simple vectors, cone sequences of them

Backswept, yes.
Yes, we’re on the same page there.

Prefrontal overlays the sequences
And gets net equilibria amidst chaotic media

I hadn’t thought about it that way, but it checks out.

At the frontal level the overlay density is so high at relevant resolutions it’s basically homogenous
So as you progress is becomes more symmetrical

You’re getting toward something like deviation from average entropy per unit volume.
There’s gotta be an easier formulation for that.

Have at it

I’m trying.
There was a girl outside.

Get at it

1) Single mother
2) Dating my neighbor, who despite the drug use is a good dude

Carry on

My chakras are all over the place right now.

Anyway you can go the other way along the mohawk from the zenith
Fauxc mirrors prefrontal
In that the overlays (axes) are almost symmetrical
And at the occ level they’re overlaid to the degree (like frontal) that they’re basically symmetrical. I.e. holism
So time emerges simply between fauxc and backswept by considering an axis as a trajectory
You constrain the value along the axis to only one point
And that’s an object

Okay, I see you’ve been trying to formulate how exactly opposing lobes mirror each other.

Sonotori desu

tfw you accidentally learn Japanese ironically.

ara ara
Temporal would be something like making infinite skew vectors

My search history is all over the place when we talk.

“Heidegger goth gf craniology”

Okay, skew vectors that feel like they form the shape of the cochlea.
Something we may not have looked at is the effect of bicameralism in SC psychology.

Go at it

Speaking of, when I interpreted your dream before I had it backwards.

They do have notably higher asymm rates

Jaynes’ theory, AFAIK, is that primitive man had one chamber, and modern man has two.

Sounds pretty gay
If you ask me

So if you’re refusing artificial two-chamberism, then you’re actually rejecting naive eucivicism.

The difference is the integration of the halves
Primitive man didn’t realize the voices commanding him were actually him
Because the lobes weren’t integrated
I basically infer latent religiousity emerges structurally from this
And supplanting it elsewise will backfire

I’m thinking of it as self-control versus God’s commands.

That sounds congruous.

Hence the terms I’m using, eucivicism (self-control) and traditionalism (control from Outside).

I’m tempted to posit an AI offshoot of the return tendency, with obviously fatal flaws
We may need a preemptive Butlerian jihad

Reject INTJ conscientiousness, embrace perceiving INTP supremacy.
Reject INTJ straight talk, embrace INTP enraging deliberate obtuseness.

That’s literally the postrat credo

I wouldn’t last a day.

I like where that went
Any further thoughts?

Whereas, most recent text from Lizard King:
“What if the real Turbo Time was the friends we made along the Jingle All the Way?”

Shamanism resurgent

Here you err, the shaman has a different flavor of playfulness.

Go on

It’s more like the comedic asides in Berserk.
Trying to find a representative example.
Comic relief is the best term.


Well, I suppose you could say Griffith was himself a SW reference
Millenium Falcon
Was his defensive capability ever referred to in parries per second, par/sec?

Afraid not.
Even genius has limits.
My thoughts on the comedy in the series are the same as this guy:

“I think that the comic relief in most of the manga did a very good job of helping balance the dark grittiness and bring more humanity to the story amongst the brutality when it was sprinkled in.

But since Puck and Isidro linked up it’s gotten continually more rapid fire and annoying. I could do w/o the majority of it at this point and for awhile now.”

What people don’t talk about is how bad a lot of Berserk is.


You can tell when it’s good because Puck, representing Guts’ childlike conscience, is in his normal form.
When he’s chestnut Puck then Miura is shitposting, and that includes a good 10 volumes or so toward the end with a couple exceptions.
The broad story arcs are still mythically a little interesting, but the episodes themselves are pretty tame.
As I mentioned to Boneflour, his genius really only comes out when he’s doing horror.
Otherwise, it’s just another Goblin Slayer episode.
Which is enjoyable enough, but not particularly impressive.

any other archetypes beyond the God hand, behelit, and the Cause of Evil thing?

Sure, but when he’s not being ingenious they’re pretty derivative.
The four cardinal kings, for example, are straight out of Campbell.
That arc was particularly weak.
Let me think…
The characters that stand out as particularly good:
God Hand
Cause of Evil
Everything in the Conviction Arc
The big baddies in the Dark Swordsman Arc
Everything in the Eclipse, obviously
Skull Knight
The witch in the forest (not Schierke, who’s a terrible character, Schierke’s mistress)
The Kushan empire as a whole is pretty good
A couple of the companions are done well enough to be interesting: Judeau, Farnese, and Serpico.
The fairie queen is also a good archetype.

Any archetypes unacccounted for?

I wouldn’t consider it a valid question, he’s doing a genuinely unique version of the Count of Monte Cristo story.
Casca is an interesting one on account of how uninteresting she is. But there’s definitely an archetype in the slightly darker woman-as-sex-symbol.
I wish I could track down where I got that from. I believe Ophiuchus mentioned it in reference to Miss Nagatoro.

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