A few observations re: normie stress responses

Post-partum depression is a failure of transference from the egocentrism of young women to the child-centrism of mothers, which typically arises from a feminist ideological resistance to the change in life roles. Women who lack nurturing instincts due to extreme fast life history strategies don’t experience post-partum depression because they don’t experience depression in general, so post-partum depression is a very socially mediated, slow life history phenomenon. Having internalized feminism, these young women experience nurturing instincts as a form of narcissistic injury and spend their early twenties successfully repressing these desires. When pregnancy and child-bearing bring these instincts on in an extremely heightened state of emotion, it’s experienced as trauma.

[Re: the counterintuitive housing bubble during Covid-19 artificial scarcity] Based on my own family, the normie response to feelings of chaos and scarcity is to buy and fix up houses. Three of my family members bought houses last year, essentially on a whim, because none of them were planned or necessary purchases. One was living in an apartment, one was living in a house with roommates, and one of them bought a second house with the intention of flipping it. Generalizing this trend, last year’s boom in house-buying and renovations makes sense now as just another counterintuitive finding of behavioral economics versus classical economics, although it mystified me at the time. It seems to be part of the greater Retvrn to Material Certainty instinct that is becoming stronger as people adapt to the hypernormalization of cultural optimism in the midst of a rising dark age.

Speaking of certainty, I’ve decided that fundamentalism is best understood as a flex on the abstraction of the Other. Fundamentalism is the belief that your worldview is so obviously true that anyone who disagrees must be doing so on purpose, and is therefore evil. (Recall: my definition of “evil” is “errors not forced by deterministic causes”, as distinct from “sin” which I use interchangeably with “shameful weakness/failure”.) Fundamentalism is essentially a narcissistic injury response. Like other types of flex, it’s a good tactic when exercised from a position of relative power and a bad tactic when exercised from a position of relative weakness because it provokes cultural antibodies, AKA “Come at me bro”. Generally, it’s better practiced from a defensive position because offensive postures often require openness to comprehending the new territory (cultural or otherwise) you’re taking over, and this may be where the positive correlation between openness and intelligence comes from (intelligence also being an offensive weapon). For whatever reason, practicing this instinct is literally the only thing that gives people (and not just talking about normies here) the confidence to say no to would-be predators.

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4 Responses to A few observations re: normie stress responses

  1. bicebicebice says:

    “Fundamentalism is the belief that your worldview is so obviously true that anyone who disagrees must be doing so on purpose, and is therefore evil.”

    Remember George Bush and the neocons vs Ben Layden and the mullahs, the good old days when centrism didn’t exist and shit got solved because everything was either white or black. the normie-normie stress response is centrism, lack of leadership creates a circle jerk until everyone dies because they couldn’t agree on where to pick the berries in order not to starve despite being surrounded by berries.

    Sprucing up your home could be likened to the pharao starting to hasten about building that damn pyramid for his sarcophagus, IF you are a white person in america 2021.

    the normie stress response to stress is basically death outright or methodical zen-like piece by piece deconstruction, if you are a sane person stress is just a call to action on something you can’t neglect at all or any longer, its not malevolent or auto-destructive per se.

    Lack of fundamentalism unironically killed the west, at the same time its true that white men can solve every world problem in less than a week, but as the leader of the free world himself said;
    not my problem

    “the vaccine will save/kill you in two weeks” I only ever experinced stress in my life from people saying they were going to do/provde shit in x amount of future time units until I stood my ground on such issues in a very definitive way. Faith in God also helps you not to move into a brittish penal colony where they vaxx or shoot you in order to escape the deep freeze or ring of fire or was it a meteor…

    It all ties together in a fundamental(heh) way, you should look it up and present it in a post; the west isn’t defending itself because without a fundamental belief in anything “you won’t do shit boyo”, damn itz almost like we shouldn’t have ditched Christianity.

    tldr: if normies are even put in a state of having to stress response they die and itz your fault basically giving you 3 actually two responses;
    1. not my problem
    2. Borgonize
    3. Religious crusade

    fervent penish washing and internet-dialogue nonobstant and withstanding

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