Slave morality

Slave morality is the belief that powerlessness implies innocence (i.e. morality = inability to get what you want except by accident). Therefore, adherents verbally abnegate all forms of power: violence, understanding, social influence, etc. They pretend to be ignorant, passive, and completely objective (AKA pretending to have no skin in the game). This doesn’t mean that they don’t exercise power, just that they are restricted by how sincerely they believe their own bullshit. If they’re comfortable with hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance, they’ll be more comfortable pretending to be colorblind while moving to white neighborhoods. By contrast, if you ever point out to an autistic conservative that they’re using peer pressure, they’ll probably stop doing it.

Most normies navigate this through studied ignorance of their own behavior, pretending every flex they ever pulled was a reaction to something else (an under-reaction to massive provocation, usually). That’s why most action movie plots for white guys start with some massive provocation to justify subsequent exercises of power, where the protagonist is initially reluctant but is forced to use force. It’s part of the righteous anger fantasy because if you’re a normie your slave morality says passive reactivity is righteousness. Devon Stack’s analysis of The Patriot is a great example. Proactive behavior is out of the question…why kick out immigrants now when we can wait until it’s an emergency and be forced to react? (Propagandists take note: this is the moral calculation your audience is making in their hindbrains.)

An example of this from this morning: At 5:30 AM a car alarm started going off in the parking lot. Half an hour later, everyone was up and asking around. We knocked on the door of the guilty party. The girl, who is already known to be a POS, came out and said “Sorry, it just started going off and I couldn’t stop it.” She pointed her fob at the car and pressed the button to demonstrate. We asked her to move the car. She continued to insist it wasn’t her fault and therefore there was nothing she could do and repeatedly demonstrated that the fob wasn’t working.

To add a little flavor, here are some additional details:

  • She was parked in the handicapped spot.
  • She was smoking in the apartment building’s hallway unashamedly (i.e. not a high-functioning person).
  • She’s white and puts up two black guys in her apartment.
  • She keeps up her next door neighbors most nights by screaming at these roommates.
  • She has the physiognomy of a fat baby who smokes two packs a day.
  • She has a shit-eating grin on her face the entire time.
  • No license plate on the car.

I had to threaten her with towing the car until she moved it fifty feet away next to a different apartment building. I had to supervise to make sure she did that much. Her original plan, clearly, was to let it continue going off forever until the universe intervened one way or another. There’s a part of me that’s curious what kind of life trains a person to act this way. At some point people will call you out on your shit. Can you really make it to whatever age she is with no skills other than avoiding responsibility? Maybe during easy times with good welfare checks you can.

I’ve gone over this before, but there’s this human idea that morality and avoiding punishment are the same thing, so I can understand why people would want to avoid being technically responsible for anything. Particularly raising their own children, that completely makes sense. If you aren’t technically responsible, then you can’t technically be blamed, and then you can whine about it incessantly if you are blamed.

“No one told me!”
“How was I supposed to know?”
“What am I supposed to do?”
“I was following orders!”
“It’s company policy!”
“My boss said!”

These are all forms of offloading responsibility. Ultimately, it’s because there’s a lot of blame to go around and not a lot of valid targets, so staying out of that category is getting really competitive. It’s the anti-Spartacus approach: “I am NOT Spartacus…try Steve, he’s always struck me as having Spartacus-like sympathies.”

The thing is, even though that’s the institutional reality, it’s not the REAL reality. Not even the day-to-day social reality! Even if formal law enforcement won’t punish her for it, everybody knows that bitch was in the wrong! It’s her car! Just like Millennials were the Boomers’ kids! You may think they’re not your responsibility, and maybe the law says they aren’t but they still kinda are!

It’s like when that girl was hanging from a tree outside my window and the cops were giving me the stink-eye for looking. They were asserting that it was none of my business because it’s not technically my property and I didn’t know her. But if you remove the American ideology and use a bit of common sense, anybody could tell you that it’s a little bit my business when a dead girl is hanging outside my window. I have an interest in knowing what happened.

Anyway, that was a bit more than I was expecting to write on that subject. Basically, normies are full of shit and they follow the herd because the scapegoating machine is the “lion”. And the lions don’t care if you take responsibility for your physical fitness. They just care if they can get you.

My observation of humans in general is that they’ll suffer great hardships to avoid doing the right thing. It’s gotta be an evopsych thing. But I haven’t figured out exactly what it is.

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  1. Even In Minecraft, Alarms Need Electricity says:

    If that disabled coal burner’s car battery mysteriously vanished for no reason at all, how long do you think it would take for her to notice that it was missing?

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