A brief reaction to Tucker and the Texas abortion law

there’s a lot to unpack here…both in carlson specifically and this law in general.

is tucker hired opposition and trying to assure the masses that we’re still democratic? is this law a blow to white nationalism? And is that intentional?


-An aging normie who remembers teabagging in Halo but couldn’t floss to save his life in Fortnite or otherwise

Tucker is the heir to the Swanson company fortune. Whatever he’s doing, it’s not for money. He likely doesn’t understand, deep down, the concept of doing something just for money. His stated reason for acting, according to his book tour, is to prevent overreach by elites because “the torches and pitchforks will come out.” So his loyalties are ultimately to the elite class, he’s just a bit smarter than average.

Re: white nationalism, couldn’t say for sure. Probably yes, in the sense that trumpeting this victory will slightly de-radicalize people. It doesn’t seem to matter how substantive a victory is…Q people still think Trump built a big wall, after all. But I think it’s getting harder to de-radicalize people because more propaganda is going toward polarizing them. People are finding their political niches and infotainment rabbitholes and it’s getting harder and harder to move them between things. Liberals may be pro-war one day and pacifists the next but their media consumption remains unchanged. Conservatives may be isolationists one day and proactive self-defenders the next but they’ll still take whatever crumbs they’re given and call themselves winners.

Re: intentionality, this is definitely intentional. This law is such pussy bullshit that there’s no way it’s grassroots. It doesn’t ban anything, it just opens the doctors up to litigation if they break existing rules. In Texas! That’s the best they could do.

The law doesn’t allow the government of Texas to enforce the ban. No one’s going to jail over abortion. Instead, the new law lets citizens sue clinics that commit illegal abortions.

-The article posted above

This is just a bone to throw to conservatives so they don’t think about the Jan 6 protestors being tortured in prisons across America as we speak. LETS GOOOO! (Don’t think about the Trumptards in dark padded rooms doing 20 years of solitary confinement. It’s not you! Not yet!)

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3 Responses to A brief reaction to Tucker and the Texas abortion law

  1. Obadiah says:

    Interesting dream:

    Starts with me taking some kind of long, cannabis-oriented business trip. I’m driving my bigeye melon coworker’s car. We appear to be in a suburban area of some sort of Midwestern American city. It’s sunny outside and the air is warm. I’m as high as a kite and there’s a girl from high school sitting in the passenger’s seat–this girl was mainly known in high school for being very Christian and she hasn’t changed her views since then to my knowledge. As we are passing by what looks like an elementary school, we suddenly get pulled over and I think my goose is cooked. I try to ‘align’ the car as perfectly to the curb, traffic lines and stop sign as I possibly can, sensing that this will somehow help me. It apparently does because we get away scot-free.

    The next part of the dream takes place in what seems to be the same city but it is now getting later in the day. The sky is starting to turn gray, the temp is starting to drop and a hint of snow is starting to fall from the sky. The overall architecture and ‘feel’ of everything are also more ‘gothic’ than the first part. I have been instructed to meet up with the other members of our startup team at some sort of very large suburban house. To reach this house I drove an old lifted truck with big heavy wheels. This truck is difficult for me to control, brake and maneuver but I reach the house and link up with the other members of our crew outside.

    We go inside and find ourselves in a sort of confusing maze of exposed framing, construction materials and white plastic sheets hanging everywhere. We make our way through the house, going to each different “room” formed by the white plastic sheets. In each room there are different cannabis-oriented things happening. One room has a small grow going on. Other rooms have big buds next to microscopes laying out on tables for examination. Other rooms have different cannabis extraction and concentration processes taking place. As we walk through this house we see, through the white plastic sheets, glimpses of other ‘industry’ people with whom we compete, have partnerships, etc.–these people are also making their way through this weed house. I also catch glimpses of “shadow people” who I can’t identify–I assume these are other industry folks who we’re not acquainted with or aware of.

    • Obadiah says:

      Eventually we make it through the house, emerging from the other side into a driveway area. It is now nighttime proper, and the snow is falling heavily. Sitting in the driveway is a kind of high-tech military attack helicopter. Its blades are spinning up, its lights are powering on and it looks like its getting ready to take off.

      Suddenly I find I am holding a kind of pellet gun or low caliber rifle. I am instructed to remove a kind of latch on the helicopter’s fuel tank so we can take off. Instead of doing the sensible thing and just going over there and removing the latch by hand the normal way, I instead attempt to get fancy and try to shoot the latch off with my gun. I miss the latch and puncture the fuel tank through completely, causing all the fuel to drain out and the helicopter to shut down. I am promptly fired and dismissed for this foolish mishap.

      Weeping and cursing, I have to drive away in the big lifted truck that’s hard for me to drive. It’s nighttime in this gothic city and snowing increasingly hard, with lots of other drivers having trouble controlling their vehicles as well. I am weeping and cursing, still having trouble controlling my vehicle as I try to maneuver my way across a sort of bridge. Dream ends.

  2. Obadiah says:


    The first part of the dream where I escape arrest by “aligning” my car with the legal infrastructure seems to mean: “Make an effort to appear to be conducting yourself by the letter of the law and you will be afforded significant flexibility–despite the fact that you are blazed out of your mind operating a motor vehicle 20 feet away from an elementary school during class hours.” My anima appearing as a pure religious Christian girl in this part of the dream I assume means to keep the faith close at all times and the lions (the police in this dream) will pass you by.

    The second part where we’re moving through the house with the white sheets is obviously our startup team and industry contemporary-type cats navigating our way through the strange, maze-like, heavily obscured emerging industry world of weed.

    The third part with the helicopter requires some context: we’re about to expand our retail operation into the largest metro in our state which contains the college town where I attended and have a lot of old contacts (this is where our next retail location will be). All the numbers and data for this expansion show all signs that its going to be lucrative and high volume.

    So the helicopter represents the future and potential of our company overall. Me accidentally shooting out the fuel tank trying to do something flashy represents me trying to do something unnecessary and foolish instead of just continuing to do my job and play my part in a practical and professional manner. I really don’t need to be making any dumb “power moves” at work here as we go forward–such ill-conceived maneuvers hold the potential to legitimately sabotage the operation. I don’t want to end up on the ground in a hard-to-drive (though admittedly relatively well-equipped) truck amidst the increasingly dark, cold, hostile environment. Instead I want to be in the attack chopper.

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