Owl convo re: Harvesting those sweet simpbucks in the Gulag Archipelago

I want to do the Personal MBA 99 best business books thing, like I said, but I want to come up with a different list of categories too.
This will actually be kinda hard to define…

so categories like salesmanship, logistics, personnell management…etc?

Right, with an eye toward the new era.
There will be things that remain true, and things that have changed.
The trouble is that you can’t trust the internet to come up with a list of books for the latter.
It would be thousands of books long.
And as important as, say, The Chemistry of Auschwitz may be, it’s not the number 1 priority book for doing business.
I think you’d do well enough with a book that explains that the Jews control all hard power through the money supply and how this affects, say, your marketing decisions.

In fact, I can’t think of a more important and relevant book title than “Money and Business for Intellectual Anti-Semites: How to Make a Living in Enemy Territory”.
The death knell of classical liberalism really changed things a lot. The plug has been pulled on secular humanism, and therefore the entire information technology industry.

I disagree with the plug being pulled on IT, because that industry is pretty easily co-opted into any ruling dogam
still, this doesn’t exactly portend benevolent uses for it going forward

Then I should say the bubble will soon deflate.
There won’t be another dotcom boom because no one is going to seriously think they can be the next Mark Zuckerberg.
But there’s plenty of growth in the employee surveillance market. I’ve seen it in the job postings.

Either AI and Big Data processing are sound enough to run a societal control system, or they aren’t AND governance systems accept this and refrain from implementing these systems, or they aren’t sufficient AND these mechanisms get implemented anyway

You can make a lot of money selling apps that analyze employee browser histories.
Let me explain this way: we’ve already taken AI as far as it will go.
If you have everyone’s Amazon shopping history, then you have as much control as AI is going to give you.

i suspect we see an ecosystem of various “analytics” tools and a concentrated but only somewhat successful effort to integrate all this data into a cohesive whole

Yeah, the desire to create a prisca sapientia of surveillance analytics is alive and well.
You could do pretty well selling foolsgold in that market.

yeah, you could go far with pretty basic tech and some seed capital

Imagine McAffy antivirus popups except it’s for a dashboard that tells you which of your employees are probably right-wing terrorists.

since the whole point is control more than profit, ordinary market failure possibilites don’t apply…the train can go on for a loooooong time

I can imagine doing that with a clear conscience if it’s software that doesn’t actually do anything.
“Of course we don’t have any terrorists here, my monitoring software reports no issues.”
I wouldn’t mind ripping off people who would actually buy software for that purpose.

*future updates will include subtle pushes to direct employyes away form extremist thoughts
you could “build” it out in almost nay direction

“Not only does it read their social media, it responds to their posts as vaguely worded authority figures!”
Screenshot of @realSPLC responding “Are you sure you want to admit that on a public platform?”
Uh oh, @TyroneWashington retweeted your tweet to black Twitter with your home address!
It’s trending!
Mm, we could do the Microsoft bit and get this required by law at all major institutions.
No one ever got fired for buying IBM or BEING CERTIFIED 100% FREE OF TERRORISTS.
My hope was to get as far as defining a guiding light for choosing the categories of books. I think the book title “How to Make a Living in the Gulag Archipelago” serves that purpose.

it;s basically the only business model left, given that we don’t actually have any kind of economic system anymore
either your product is mandated and usccessful, or it isn’t and you go bust

That which isn’t forbidden is mandatory.
All business negotiations shall be conducted in the language of Woke Capital.
You can buy my competitor’s product, but I’ve already reported you to the authorities and you have 1 hour to be in compliance. And hey, I’m right here and I can set it up for you.
Anyway, this is all very silly.

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3 Responses to Owl convo re: Harvesting those sweet simpbucks in the Gulag Archipelago

  1. Markus Nystrom says:

    OT Aeoli, but Cleve is not on LinkedIn any longer. Does he post anywhere else now?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Not that I know of. It’s possible he’s still posting at RPG Codex, but for all I know he hasn’t been there in years.

    • bicebicebice says:

      >OT Aeoli, but Cleve is not on LinkedIn any longer. Does he post anywhere else now?

      Location:Red Chinese Prison Colony (Australia)

      To pharaphrase drumphie; I know it he knows it everybody knows it

      Tex’s forte isn’t blogging about the things actually HAPPENING he talked about years before they happened, moral of the story is to get a treestump/vault before it happens or you’re gonna shit the bed if you live in society. Many such cases throught human history! Sad!

      vault-co wasn’t about general snark even if I wanted some myself, itz just a too damn low hanging of fruit when the main goal is survival which one can respeck. The man is gagged and neutered by his own admission;

      itz over

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