Local man who claims to be turtle has dream that isn’t Freudian or Jungian or any other weird shit

In the dream, I was at my sister’s house. For context, she lives in the old money part of Detroit now, which sort of completes her narcissistic Midwestern girl archetype spiral. Per usual, the old money part of Detroit is surrounded by a third-world hellscape. How someone could feel relaxed and at home in such a precarious situation escapes me, but it’s apparently quite common. I suppose it’s part of the survival strategy of pursuing the nicest possible things, which has a way of excluding not nice people. It’s not racist, after all, to want the best possible schools etc. As a survival strategy, it works until it doesn’t.

Anyway, in the dream most of the walls are made of glass, like a greenhouse, so you can see in and out pretty easily. We start hearing a lot of gunshots, which suggests a gunfight with multiple people on both sides. I tell my sister to get the kids and go in the basement, then I get a gun (that I definitely wouldn’t own or want to own in real life) and go around the house locking doors and closing windows. My intention is to get done and get downstairs in about twenty seconds, but I keep finding firearms and boxes of ammo laying around in plain sight. After about five minutes of scrambling around trying to grab these or throw blankets over them, I wake up. Then I spent about an hour laying awake thinking through emergency scenarios and plans and fantasies in my apartment building.

So the interpretation of this dream is simple existential anxiety and my brain reminding me that you have to be materially and mentally ready, you can’t just have shit laying around and improvise when the time comes. It’s like thinking you can get in a fistfight and suddenly the spirit of Achilles will come on you and you’ll have fast-twitch shoulder muscles.

Anyway, the more interesting takeaway is that “simulating the future” is a valid type of dream interpretation, although it’s only about 2% of dreams. Just like how Freud said all dreams were post-processing for the previous day’s experiences, some people say all dreams are symbolic self-representation. The reality is, you have to pick the right lens for the situation. But the fact that people who come up with dream interpretation frameworks tend to overgeneralize them is more evidence for my “supervaluation” theory.

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5 Responses to Local man who claims to be turtle has dream that isn’t Freudian or Jungian or any other weird shit

  1. Obadiah says:

    Yep, see my dream a few poasts ago about the helicopter, which is basically completely pragmatic: “Make an effort to appear to be following the law to the letter and you will be able to heavily exploit gray areas despite not following the law to the letter (I would never actually do this IRL); also attempting to leverage or reinject yourself into your old network of elites during this business expansion is going to backfire on you so proceed in a discrete manner”.

    Rao also discusses this: https://www.ribbonfarm.com/2021/08/10/mjd-59436/

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Your dream falls into the symbolic narrative type, which I think is much, much more common than people realize.

      • Obadiah says:

        I was going to argue “Well so does your OP dream” and it hit me that most dreams are essentially by definition symbolic narratives. Also would argue that your OP dream must be “Jungian” (if such a term is even appropriate seeing as that guy was just noticing some patterns accurately and giving them names) in at least some sense in that it involves your anima appearing as your sister and initiating a symbolic narrative which emphasizes the neccessity of preparedness.

        So most dreams could be our unconscious brains processing complex data about reality and then presenting the findings in a way which is digestible to the conscious mind: a symbolic narrative.

        • Obadiah says:

          “Captivating narrative” is probably humanity’s preferred learning format (as opposed to school, where what you’re actually “learning” is to follow instructions via captivating narratives of punishment)

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          >If hasMoveLeft then return player 2 left move array (Will have to make hasMoveLeft public)

          no u

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